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When it comes to web devices, the trend is generally that the smaller, the better. Laptops are more popular than ever, and iPhones, Androids, Blackberrys, and other smart devices that fit into your pocket are growing in popularity by the minute. It seems as if everyone including your child’s babysitter has an iPhone these days. They are definitely gaining in importance, and many marketing professionals believe that within five to 10 years they will outstrip all the other media for marketing.

Mobile handsets have the benefit of always being within reach, plus they’re adding new functions all the time like GPS, cameras, and even barcode readers. Unlimited web tariffs mean that the use of mobile handsets will only increase, and so you don’t want to be left out of the mobile revolution. If your experience of mobile broadband has been SMS advertising and awkward wireless application protocol (WAP) processes, then take another look, because huge strides have been made to improve the user experience.

iPhone and Android Application Development

If your company is interested in making money from selling iPhone or Android apps, or if you want to use the platform to create brand awareness, or if you plan to let your employees carry out some or all their job functions over mobile broadband, then you’ll need the mobile apps that can do this. Mac Expo are part of the iPhone application developer program, and we have great experience working on iPhones and all other mobile platforms. We are well-placed to advise you and help you develop applications to suit your particular business needs when it comes to mobile broadband.

A recent article in PC Magazine sees the Android poised to pick off Blackberry users in the near future. These users are wedded to their email and are partial toward their hardware keyboards. With the iPhone lacking a physical keyboard, the Android, which has a real keyboard, may prove to be a threat as Blackberry users make their next upgrade. Whether this will eat into iPhone sales is still a matter of conjecture, but Google has shown itself to be very enterprise-friendly, particularly when compared to Apple, and this makes Android look to be a serious contender for the top mobile handset once the Android technology matures more.
At Mac Expo, we’re on top of the latest development in the mobile handset markets, and we’re ready to act accordingly. To find out more about how Mac Expo can help your company succeed in the world of mobile devices, please give us a call on 0845 121 211 or email us at sales@Mac

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