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Search Engine Marketing and Social Media’s Role

This UK generation on the Web have the most prolific users of social media resources in the whole of Europe. Mac Expo tap into this and regularly blog, bookmark, send, seed and read hundreds of press stories every day. In addition,
we’re increasingly using the world wide web to voice our opinion. Asking networked individual, online targeted communities  and even complete strangers for their take on products and services is one of the best ways to get a fast response to a clients products and at the same times getting users talking about it.

Rather than trusting a real shop assistant (that can be slightly biased) or call the supplier directly, forums, blogs and networking sites are specifically for peer review. Which is the best restaurant to eat in? Who sells the softest beds? Will this fabric suit my body colour? Does this company deliver their goods on time? All of these answers and many more are responded to and not to chance but the key ingredients in all this Web users.

We recommend and persuade our fellow surfers with powerful one to one communications, bulk software tools and a powerful team to deliver your message across. And, as an online brand, that means you must pro-actively use the power of social networking to win favour with the client that matter the most in all types of demographic and of course push up search engine rankings.

So.. How is this done and why include social media within your SEO Mix?

A forum, a blog, a tweet or a Facebook group all provide your clients with feed, an informal space for discussion, to actively talk about your greatest selling services and leave  customers feeling that your company has listened to what is said. Attract, Engage, awareness, brand recall  and influence can all be reachable via social media when correctly used. Having many years experience in the use of social media within online PR and organic search listings, our digital agency understand exactly what it takes to nurture all of these benefits and more so from a social media perspective.

dbwebsite2Our web design agency understands and harnesses the true power of websites like, Squidoo, Bebo, Bloglines and Our social media team of experts will tailor make your social media campaign to suit the brand and most importantly your brands online marketing goals. Mac Expo will integrate multiple websites and profiles or work on a handful of specialised properties to reach social media penetration - whatever the social networks, our social media experts will synergise, strategerise,  and execute the social media activity, keeping your company in the loop and part of this online conversation[\marker] at all times.

True brand awareness is built by promoting brand exposure at grassroots level and joining with other organic search techniques, this service puts your website and brand name at the tip of your target audience.

Our digital agency and social media boffins will  keep track of the social media services associated not only with your image but with those of your targeted competitors, monitoring [marker]social media chat and marketing activities to induce an insight into how the competition communicate and promote to  customers.

How conducive is social media marketing to my organic search campaign?

web_trafficIn one straight simple answer.: Critically. It’s difficult to imagine a world without bloggers, online news and the new power that individuals have. We don’t believe in any organic search campaign succeeding without the assistance of at least a select number of  social media elements. Social media and web design marketing is now a integral part of any organic search. Although websites like Facebook and Twitter have only recently began to show headlines, Mac Expo has been incorporating these social media and web 2.0 marketing skills into SEO packages and online digital marketing services for over ten years.

All our link campaigns will rely on the social media marketing – social media websites like Squidoo, Blogger and the like have a super PageRank and when designed organically are an excellent area of relevant referrals with great optimised anchor text and most appropriate landing pages under our control of the account holder.

While web 2.0 services give a tight line over most aspects of the link building, they are very useful for the ever increasing overall online presence and essentially can be a quick route into the search engine results pages (SERPS) for websites still struggling to achieve or have been sand-boxed for your companies primary keywords.

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on Social Bookmarking and marketing solutions, or any other website company you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211

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