Market your online business via videos

There is a plethora of ways one can implement video technology to extend the reach of their online website design London business. Video marketing can be applied for branding purposes as well.

Think about the reach and its magnitude with regards to YouTube, undoubtedly the largest video portal on the web. The stats suggested by Google in March 2011 are staggering:

- YouTube has more than 2 billion views daily

- 24 hours of video are uploaded every minute

- The average person spends 15 minutes a day on YouTube

These stats make it clear that video reach is growing with immense pace. Do ensure that video marketing is one of the strategic moves you make for your London digital agency. Below are a few ways of using videos to gain a competitive edge:

Video on your website

This can instil a sense of a personal touch from your end. A vibrant, video-based landing page helps to engage visitors and encourages them to remain on your website design London page for a prolonged period of time. Instantly, you will be able to gain a competitive edge against your competitors.


With a spectrum of blog posts being published on a daily basis, what measures can be taken to ensure that visitors return to your web design London site? Try involving video. Not only does this entice and enthral your audience (on the basis that your content is meaningful and apt) but also, if your video is using YouTube streaming services, you would benefit from creating a goodwill out of your London digital agency channel as well.

If video blogging is not your forte, you could articulate your blog posts with suitable video content attained from video sharing websites such as YouTube.

Video Email Broadcasts

Video could also be implemented to engage with your website design London subscribers. And undoubtedly, this is much more attractive than plain text emails. There is a gamut of auto responders available to do this job. You just have to video the desired content, upload it to a video site like YouTube or comF5 for a select base of viewers, and finally, publish the link in your broadcast message.

Video Email

Sending a video email by signing up for services like comF5 requires minimal effort. It is a great way to amplify relationships with current and potential customers alike. Video usage permits you to have a more personal approach, thereby making your London digital agency message stand out from the clutter.

Social media videos

Again, you could shine in the crowd by integrating video to engage with your followers on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Your friends and followers are more likely to view and respond to a message broadcast via video. Moreover, Facebook makes it very easy for you to add a video tab helping to post your website design London message.


Every time you upload a video on YouTube, it magnifies the reach of your website design London. But this has to be combined with appropriate keyword tagging thereby ensuring the video reaches out to the correct audience.

Video training

Training can be imparted via video with ease and recent studies have also proven that video communicates with users on a more potent level. Training for your London digital agency can thus be delivered via webinars. These can be recorded once and played any number or times over.


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