Let’s all go to bed

I walk into my house after deliberating with clients and sitting in front of a computer screen of 8 hours, I begin my nightly routine of indulging in Quality Streets checking my email and browsing for various items of no use. Then begins my search on Facebook, I unconsciously look through the same photos and profiles I probably viewed at work, on the weekend and most likely the week before… But yes I am compelled to do it once again….. ‘INBOX 1’… Cool… Someone just sent me a message, you smile from behind your lips not wanting to look suspicious in front of your siblings, you secretly hope it’s that hot girl messaging you back… it’s not.. Rather a good friend messaging obscene words from his night shift via his blackberry. I scroll through his pictures… Wait… I have been here before… Haven’t I?
This is not just my story but that of millions across the UK and perhaps the globe, our addiction to social media sites, technology and the need to engage paints an entirely different image from who or what we were just five years ago. Is it our need for attention or do we genuinely need to quench our parched minds with information, personally, I assume the former.
It is already assumed 2010 will see greater spend from companies on social networking; the aim will be to engage, build relationships and consult with users. However will 2010 also be a time when we begin to switch off and in perfect Kit Kat form ‘Have a Break’?
According to utalkmarketing.com 83.9% of the public sleep with their phone switched on next to them expecting to be woken by a 3am text. How long can we continue before we begin to tire, or are we already doing so?
At what point does our over indulgence in technology become counterproductive?

Hmm… Food for thought my dear Watson… Food for thought!


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