Kids are coding

Britain have always had some of the best designer, now it looks like we are to have some of the best programmers

Technology has become a huge part of people lives in this new Digital age. This concept has been incorporated into the upbringing of the new generation. They are becoming more technical each year and are starting to use smart phones and tablets as early as 5 years old, proving to be more knowledgeable than their parents.

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Starting in the next school year of September 2014, schools across England will be introducing programming and coding into the national curriculum. Primary school children will be able to code their own online games, websites and mobile applications. This new educational revolution has already commenced at Soho Parish School using the after-school activity Code Club, where expert programmers volunteer to teach the next generation of coders. Students have said that they are enjoying learning about coding as it is hard but challenging. They like to use the knowledge acquired and combine them into one piece of amazing software. A volunteer commented that watching kids coming up with new ideas and concepts is very rewarding. Coding Club takes place one a week in over 900 after school classes. They will be working in collaboration with Google and University College London. In 41 schools only 375 students are doing computing A levels in which 7% are girls.

Teachers said it will be a new change in education. The National Curriculum will have exciting and engaging lesson plans and material to support the children’s learning. This will inspire kids to be the tech force of the future and computing will be one the primary career paths.

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