Intuitive E-tailing


Special Offers

The technologies incorporated into our products have the ability of providing non evasive attention to the User, when any offers are being promoted by the company. One of the reasons for doing this is most Users focus on individual products. For example they are only looking for a book and wouldn’t even consider browsing the other products that are also being sold. By having a promotion that is tied into other products, it will draw the User to them with the intention of increasing revenue by indirect means.

Special Offers will also enable existing Customers to feel like they are being rewarded for being loyal customers. While the potential new Customers are attracted to the site because they feel it is offering something others in the same competition are not.

The restrictions of the offers are only restrained by the Organisation. The systems will allow considerable types of promotions to be set on the web site, and anything that cannot be done would be created in order to facilitate this.


When a User arrives at an eCommerce website, most do so with the intention of already knowing what they are looking for. What then determines the success of the site is how quickly they can convert the User expectations into arriving at the products.

Through the experience of our digital agency the quickest way of achieving this is by having a search bar. Here, the User can type in what they are looking for, and then quickly be directed to it. With all the latest advancements in this technology such as Auto Complete Mac Expo can ensure that Customers would not be put off from the site by way of errors. The search bar will also embed many other algorithms such as using other product details that would help associate it; offer suggestions if the User has incorrectly spelt etc.

As well as the search bar, all products will also incorporate standard navigation elements. However, the addition to this will be the ability to offer suggestions based on either past experiences, or what other Users have viewed based on all similar criteria.

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