Integrated marketing through social media

Social media is a social instrument of communication for many a London digital agency; it interacts as well as gives the information. For instance, it lets you comment as well as vote on articles. Essentially, social media integrates online technology and methods through which people can share content, personal opinion, different perspectives and can discuss the evolution in itself. Social media usually contains text, images, audio and video.

Social media marketing is an addition to personal and small businesses including web design London companies, corporate and non profit organisations which have integrated marketing communication plans.  It coordinates promotional elements such as advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity, direct marketing and seals promotions, increasingly viral marketing is also grouped in to integrated marketing communication by many website design London agencies. It allows creating content which attracts attention and encouraging readers to share with their social network which spreads from person to person. This type of marketing is driven by word of mouth hence it is presumably resonate as it comes from third party source.

Now a day’s social media is became a platform which can be easily accessed by people through internet and is being widely used by many a London digital agency, which increases the communication for organisations which leads to brand awareness and improves customer services. Marketing through social media is relatively cheaper then old traditional marketing as suggested by web design London companies.

Following are the most popular social media marketing websites

Social networking: social networking websites allows to create personal profiles, communities, groups, web pages, which can be shared with anyone like friends and family, fans, customers, members etc. for example Facebook, MySpace, Bebo etc.

Wikis: it allows creating, sharing and editing the information about any topic for example Wikipedia.

Photo sharing: photo sharing enables to upload pictures and images to personal account, which can be then, shared with other internet users. For example Picasa, Flickr

Video sharing: video sharing allows sharing videos to the rest of the web community, a perfect example of video sharing website is YouTube.

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