Inhouse Developing

Development Solution database and programming

Typically, this task is performed by the initial creators, designers and planners of the website. You have the final say and know what the core objectives of the site are. Providing a complete division of content and structure/design here on a metalevel the creation and core management of the website is established.

  • Cascading Templates
    Complete with an online and reference debug tool templates are arranged using the built in editor. From a meta-tag perspective this is where the complete control of the sites deign can be control, instead of creating a per page. Cascading templates also can be modified from a user level perspective allowing certain style to be changed and others standandized.
  • Extension manager
    With a single one-click operation more sophisticated features can be added such as E-commerce solutions, Community portals, Message Boards, Discussion-Forums, Calendars, Polls, Search-features, Guestbooks and Rating applications.
  • HTML-Templates
    The display of news. Message boards and other ready to use add on can be created for swift confirguration.
  • Metatag content
    Teplated allow for meta tages to be added with a single click adding decription and keyword tags for individual pages.
  • Multimedia integration
    Custom HTML code can be easily Integrated multimedia elements like audio, flash animation, Java applets and video etc.
  • Output formats
    Printable versions, Versions for PDAs, CSS stylesheets, WML for mobile phones, XML for data exchange, SGML for print Template engine allows for browser detection, printable versions, versions for PDAs etc., use of CSS stylesheets, WML for mobile phones, XML for data exchange and SGML for print can be generated by the PHP-extensions.
  • Own PHP4 scripts
    Connection to external data source for features such as XML Newsfeed, or database querying can be integrated using new PHP-scripts.
  • Protected areas
    Password protected areas and IP filtering to use with intranets, extranets and other areas of the site can be added. Both page and single object levels can be restricted by users and groups if needed. Furthermore different ports than port 80 can run under SSL if you are very paranoid.
  • Version Control with unlimited Undo
    Changes can be reviewd and reverted back incase error are made.
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