HTC unveils ‘Facebook Phone’ ChaCha and Salsa

Mobile phone manufacturer HTC has confirmed the launch of two new phones which would have a dedicated Facebook button incorporated in the phone. The much spoken of ChaCha and Salsa would impart the ability of instant access to the social networking platform at a touch of a button.

The production of these phones however cannot be proclaimed as official ‘Facebook phones’ but reports suggested that HTC and Facebook had worked closely together to bring this product to life. On the characteristic front, Salsa is a touchscreen phone while ChaCha will platform a keyboard.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, said that “we wanted to create the ultimate socially connected phones with mass market appeal”, while Henri Moissinac, Facebook’s Head of Mobile Business, said “We have worked closely with HTC for several years on bringing Facebook to their devices and HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa are the next stage.”

Both the phones have been produced with the Android OS and would run on their latest Gingerbread version. This version is the most contemporary of its kind and would put forth a degree of Facebook implementation that has yet only been available on INQ’s new Facebook models announced last week.

One could say that the Facebook button has been ingeniously designed as it would offer a gamut of functions depending on the user’s preferences. In essence, it will permit the sharing of photographs in an instant or even music directly from the handset. Another great outcome is the way the phone can display the status update and information if the phone can identify the caller as the handset users’ Facebook friend.

The ideation behind the production of such phones says HTC is the appealing factor towards a targeted set of users in the new generation who are making use of the site more that their e-mail and manage their social calendars via the digital broadcaster Facebook’s ‘upcoming event’ list.

Another product that would soon roll out of the HTC factory some time in the future is the 7” tablet, the Flyer that would follow the Apple style ‘unibody’ aluminium case guidelines whilst having a pen which for example, can incorporate recording sound while you take notes by hand which makes going to lectures and synchronising notes very simple.

These phones are forecasted to hit the UK market in the second quarter of 2011. The Flyer would be sold at the beginning with the Gingerbread OS but would nonetheless be upgraded to Google’s tablet OS Honeycomb once it is released.


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