How we fit into Big Brother

So Big Brother’s now gone Biggest Brother in terms of endorsing activities. And its popularity this year has truly been amplified so it can aptly be called Biggest Brother. Nonetheless, we all know what Big Brother entails and how the show works. What you didn’t know is the information hereafter.

Our digital agency has been at the forefront of keeping peoples admirations of being attached to Big Brother alive. Mac Expo have been the care takers of the online merchandising division of Big Brother by being awarded with the maintenance of the website, and have been doing so for the last decade! Yes, we have been attached to the show since its birth back in the year 2000 when the programme used to air on Channel 4, remember?

The online store sells everything from the usual merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and hoodies to the more unique stuff like cotton bags.  The products entail good quality and are well designed keeping in mind the fresh look of the show itself. The eye logo of Big Brother is engraved on all the products so you know you’re in for a genuine treat.

It’s now been more than a decade since the show started and it’s fair to say that its fame has always been rising. With the show yet in its prime, it is now available for viewing on Channel 5. And as times change, so does the show. It now boasts of a great new look that one can see on the show. And thanks to us, the same is an integral element of the merchandising shop too! Click here to view the online store.

To sum up then, we are very proud to be continuing this long standing tradition and being an imperative part of the show makes us feel just that bit special! It is our privilege to be a part of this momentous show and we would continue to do so for as long as it has a slot on TV every year.

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