How to Protect Your Website Design London Search Engine Rankings Part 2

2) Make sure your keyword density isn’t too high

Another pivotal factor that affects your web design London site search engine rankings is the keyword density. The search engines will measure the significance of your website design London to a given subject in way of keyword usage on your pages. Remember, more the density of the keyword, the higher the chances of relevancy of that page. But do note however, do not overload your London digital agency web page with too many keywords as this would be considered as spam from the search engine’s perspective thereby penalising your web design London site for keyword stuffing and spamming.

The golden rule suggests that the keyword should never appear in more than half of the sentences on a given page. Better still, do try to have your keywords in less than 1/3 of the sentences and furthermore, add other keywords to surplus the website design London relevance. Do not push the keyword density above 3%. Web design London sites like can give you a quick overview of the keywords in use.

By adhering to the above steps you can easily let your legitimate website design London be safe and not be taken wrongly for a spam site so as to not let it slip down the rankings.


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