How to get the new Facebook Timeline feature working for you now!

Its here!! Facebook Timeline.  They have finally done it, amazing work by our website designers. So you want to know  how to enable it, well here is our step-by-step guide.

Its eight simple steps to be the first to use Facebook Timeline.

Here are a serious of images to get you started with a whole new world of Facebook genious. Following these instructions, and your good to go.

Right firstly you’ll need to become a developer, which everyone should start to play with by now. Yes, even you. Ensure to be logged into Facebook and then simply click on this link to get started.

1. Step

First of all, if you are here, click “Allow”

2. Step

Hit “Create New App”

3. Step

Just type in any name you want. Tick the box “I agree to the platform privacy policy.” Click “Continue” and go through the security by filling in the Captcha. Then follow the next step.

4. Step

To get to the next Step click on “Open Graph”. This will lead you to the next Step.

5. Step

The next screen has the title “Get Started with Open Graph” write in any name  you want. Under the title “start by defining one action than one object for your app.” Click Get Started.

6. Step

On that page that appears to you, only scroll down and click “Save Changes and Next.”

Repeat that on the next two screens.

7. Step

That will be the following screen. Go to your Facebook Homepage. Maybe you have to wait a few minutes, and then there will appear an invitation to enable Timeline.

8. Step

This will appear on your Homepage. Click “Get It Now” to start using the new features!

Ready Now!

Now you can use you timeline with all the features, update it as you like, and to make it alive click “Publish Now”. On September 29, 2020 it’ll go alive on his own. To get into your timeline from another computer you have to put in this URL :[yourusername]?sk=timeline

[yourusername] is your own Facebook user name.



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