Led Zeppelin and Ahmet Ertegun website strategy

Our Digital agency was chosen to lead the creative design and development for one of the world most eagerly awaited concerts for worldwide rock fans.

The concert was to celebrate the life of Ahment Ertegun the founder of Atlantic Records and mentor to the greatest names in music.

Profits from the amazing performance would go to Ahmet Ertegun Education Fund which provides many students with scholarships to uni’s in the UK, USA and Turkey.

Ahmet Web_reschedule_All

The web team where chosen to create a solution that would be able to cope with the demand of tickets for the website and at the same time give all fans equal opportunity to purchase tickets. This took many untold hours in advising what the best technology to use, the strategy for server and development code.

The solution: To design and build a balloting system that would sit online allowing users to enter their name and email in the hope to become one of the lucky winners to get tickets for the website.
Our technology would the draw the names put at random.

Fans on the website will be able to express a preference for either seating and standing tickets at the website using an online form. Due the sudden expected and unprecedented demand only two applicants per house hold where allowed. Our IP configuration on the server allowed us to predetermine if a particular user had in-fact already registered therefore throwing back an error message displaying the terms.

This Online website strategy idea for a balloting website saw in a short space of Six Weeks a staggering one Billion Page visits with a total of 750,000 signed and registered credentials.

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