Half of the UK population now uses Facebook

It has been noted that Facebook is now used by 30 million people in the UK – a substantial half of the population. Joanna Shields, Vice President of Facebook Europe, said: “We can announce to day that we have reached 30 million in the UK, which we are really excited about.” On a global scale, Facebook now boasts of more than 500 million users, a benchmark it achieved gone summer. It also came to light that 26 million users registered from the UK and just in the last four months, they have added to their basket another 4 million users accumulating the total to 30 million.

In a recent research, results revealed that a third of the women aged 18 – 34 check their Facebook accounts at the time they wake up, even before going to the toilet. While another 21% of women in the same age bracket check Facebook in the middle of the night and an astonishing 42% of the same focus group said it was OK to post drunken photos of themselves on the social network platform, all of which was revealed in a study conducted by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research. Shields was also apprehensive to speak about whether Facebook would build its own mobile phone operating system and went on to say that it was somewhat “silly” that Google had recently disabled the feature which permitted Google users to sync their contacts with Facebook friends.


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