Hackers Slammed in proposed EU vote

European parliament to debate passing a minimum sentence law to hacking & related crimes. Beware of gangs of digital bandits which society refers to as hackers who gather your personal information which are difficult to protect for their own financial gain. These individuals are hard to prosecute should they be caught largely due to their activities relating to grey areas within existing laws.

web_trafficWell known hackers include the group ‘LulzSec’ who developed a bad reputation in 2011 for hacking a variety of government & business websites and released personal information online. They have also been linked with the group called Anonymous as being responsible for the fake articles that appeared on the Daily Mail & posted on Twitter in July 2011 which claimed that US President Barrack Obama and Rupert Murdock had died.The European Union is preparing laws which will make hacking a serious offence with a 5-year minimum sentence, details of which would be openly visible in their court documents. This would however only be applied to people who hack into large data files and critical system controls mostly from large businesses and national governments. Any violation of the future laws will recieve a 2-year minimum sentence for those who create cyber weapons complicit in activities such as malware and autobot software.

Concerns have been raised by the ‘Research Website Naked Security’ who said that this could potentially penalise innocent legitimate programmers. In addition many tools designed for legitimate purposes can be used for illegal purposes, for example Network security toolkits can be used as password crackers.The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has promised to consider these issues should the laws pass later this year. The committee has approved the proposed bill and have moved it forward to the European parliament for a vote scheduled for July.

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