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Since the advent of search engines, especially Google, online marketing landscape has undergone revolutionary changes which have allowed digital agencies that where there from the beginning to really understand what they need to deliver to the client.

Most importantly, what works for the customer and the needs to be achieve. Today Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing and several local search engines decide which brand should go to the users and which product they should consider. Search engine optimisation (SEO) has now become the indispensable part of online marketing.

The term “Search Engine Optimisation” refers to the process of optimising your Web  site’s content so that they are pulled to the top of the search engine result page (SERP). To reach to the top of the SERP, the Web site has to gain good page rank - a measure decided by a number of criteria such as the Web site’s content, keyword density, incoming links and back links.

Search engines revise their indexing strategies from time to time to accommodate the evolutionary changes happening in the Web technologies. Of late, Google has included videos in its SERPs, allowing Web sites to feed relevant videos in their sites to get good page rank. Google has also started showing relevant contents from Twitter, which according to Web design London agencies such as Mac Expo is great news for Web marketers focusing on social media. Maps, Wikis, and images are some of the other such contents included in SERP of leading search engines recently.

Gottlieb Diamler (creator, Diamler Chrysler) once said “the best or nothing”. We proudly stick to it.

These revolutionary search strategies adopted by Google and others provide the most personalised results to a user according to the search query.  These changes, however, are forcing the Web sites to revise their online marketing strategies from time to time, according to the changing algorithm of Google and others.

A SEO process in itself can involve a complete overhaul of the Web site. It may include revisiting the layout, content, images and the links of the Web site. A SEO, if done appropriately, can be more cost effective than PPC. While the PPC focuses only on the business aspect of the Web site, the SEO focuses on the overall improvement of the quality of the Web site, which would ultimately improve its usability. It aids in the design geometry to enable the company’s website to appear on the first page which by far, is the most effective way to show how far your company goes to reach it’s target audience and also provides a sense of ‘company stability’ in the minds of the consumer.

As a web design London company, Mac Expo UK offers you highly professional Google optimisation services from content optimisation to graphics optimisation and from link building to social media optimisation. It’s the hardwork that pays off, which is attributed by the purely organic SEO strategies which means that they are compliant with the algorithms of all search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bingo and all other popular search engines providing you a large probability of being searched.

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on Google Optimisation solutions you can contact us by email alternatively telephone 0845 121 211

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