Google+ making its presence felt - Survey

A recent survey has suggested Google +, the new social network platform is increasing the customer base thanks to its young demographic users and the traffic from other Google platforms. The web analysts refer to this as a first step towards the new Google. The information with regards to the survey was picked up until July 16, and it demonstrates a deep detailed situation how google + is developing:

  • In July, Google was at 42nd position from the list of most-visited social networking sites and 638th for the most visited web sites list. We suggest that this data is now amplifying and when the platform will be unveiled, more users would be scaling the peak.
  • The week before July 16th Google + had a count of 1.8 million people accessing it, just to compare that is 283% more than the week before. To take you more into the past, Google + had seen an increase of 821% by the 2nd of July when the platform was launched a week before.
  • 56% of Google + traffic were seen to be coming in from other Google platforms, out of which 34% came in from Google’s search engine. The other 37% of the traffic came in from different search sites and the remaining 21% was redirected by email.
  • The earlier estimate for Google + to get huge amount of traffic did not live up to its mark. In fact, 57% of the users were male till the 16th of July. This indicates that the previous estimates were not totally accurate.
  • The bracket of user is between 25-34 years old, controlled by young adults which represent 38.37 % of all the access. The week previous, the range was 18-34 age with a number of 38.11% of the all the access.
  • Los Angeles, New York City and San Francisco are the metro leaders to produce traffic on Google+. Other areas of high frequency connections include Bowling Green, KY, Portland, OR and Bend, OR.
  • The facts are that this information isn’t official, and nobody could guess how Experian Hitwise could be trusted.

Nonetheless, the numbers could make sense. While Google+ becomes more known, it still lacks size and is smaller compared to big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Zynga and MySpace.

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