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Facebook applications and marketing

As of 2010, 1 in 10 people on this planet use Facebook

Our digital agency can help you develop viral applications that people will find entertaining and that effectively promote your business’s products or services. This can result in a novel revenue stream and flexible innovative platform from which to engage your customers with.

Why Facebook Applications?

The bottom line is that Facebook is pioneer of social media technology right now. There are well over 100 million active users on Facebook, and it has become an advertising channel for many products and companies. Facebook offers the traditional PPC and CPM banner models as well as the option of Facebook applications, which will engage Facebook users with your company.

According to Facebook, 95% of Facebook members have used one or more applications built on the Facebook platform. That’s nearly 100 million people! One of the best things about Facebook is that applications spread “virally” between friends and colleagues by showing up on the reader’s wall feed. This process is a quick way for people around the world to promptly develop a level of trust in your brand that you don’t get with traditional advertising.

It’s your choice, make the move, there is even more online.

Facebook applications range from the practical, like blog promotion, to the fanciful, like tag clouds for your business and digital business cards. There are even Facebook apps that allow Facebook to work like a phone and receive voice mail messages. There are Facebook apps for networking, collaboration, and for neat audio/visual effects. And the range of Facebook applications is growing all the time in sense, evolution is always taking place.

Mac Expo Experience with Facebook

Give us a shout for your facebook requirements and your business’s well-constructed Facebook page with well-chosen apps will attract fans, and will also be “sticky,” which is a way of saying that fans will keep coming back and may share content or feedback. Mac Expo can help you develop or choose the best apps to use so that your company’s Facebook page is as effective as possible.

Mac Expo can build a Facebook application for your company to help you build brand recognition, promote your products and services, or collect user data. Our Facebook applications can gather information from user profiles, and they can give your business an interactive push-pull content platform.

We’ve designed and built numerous Facebook applications for a range of clients. Our digital agency surely has the experience necessarily to guide your company and advise you how your business can benefit from the use of Facebook applications. To find out more call us on 0845 121 211 or email us at sales@Mac Expo.co.uk

For more information on how we can help you with your project or to find out more on Facebook Applications solutions you can contact us by email sales@dbnm.co.uk alternatively telephone 0845 121 211.

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