Evac Tube

Communication and brand strategy

The challenge was to design and develop a system that would show the product’s life-saving capabilities and still portray the site in a fun and attractive design.

Mac Expo were requested to build a website where the contents of an Evac-Tube could be viewed and shown in a simple step-by-step manner. It must also have the capability to easily be maintained.

Mac Expo met the challenge by designing a web site using striking bloch pattern and cartoon style illustrations, a site was developed that highlighted the products and its importance incase of an emergency. Evac-Tube have a unique design, and the site was constructed to differentiate his product from those that are simply mass-produced replica.

The front end single page interface, a non-traditional shopping cart feature we developed specifically for Evac-Tube, allows not only for the customization of features, but also for the visual display of all custom features. A visitor never leaves that single page until the decision to buy is made, and then it’s a simple check-out process thereafter.

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