Engagement; The Right Path for Social Media Chapter 3

In this final chapter, we cover the guidelines that should be adhered to:

Building Trust

From the employee’s perspective, they should exploit their posts to develop the goodwill of trust amongst their clients, media and public. And quantifiably, when they do try to interact with people on the social media platforms, they should instil every effort to vie on each opportunity that comes their way so as to build a reputation with regards to trust. Furthermore, the above mentioned aspects should be considered to lay the foundation of being perceived as a credible source that imparts information and assistance with total transparency.

Being Transparent

When engaging with people on social networking communities, if you represent a small business, either you or your employees should reveal their identities and associations with the business, clients and their professional and/or personal interests.

Being Direct

At the time of creating a fresh post and its related content, you or your employees should be straight forward, educational and succinct.

Giving Due Credit

It happens in many instances, and if you or your employees do publish copyrighted material, they should ethically, identify the original sources.


The employees of a small business entity should make it a point to estimate their respective posts’ precision and honesty. In the pre stages of publishing online content, they need to make sure that the content they hold is precise, honest and containing no factual data. Another pointer is for you to lookout for grammatical and spelling errors.


Do caution your employees that their actions could be responsible for the outcomes when it relates to content publishing. Pessimism and disputable posts should not be tolerated.

Being Professional

In terms of posting content, the employees should avoid posting material related to controversial and/or potentially stirring topics including politics, sex, religion and any other topics which may deviate from the mainframe. Moreover, even the tonality in the comments should adhere to respect for the person on the other side and should therefore never be patronising and boastful.


A very pivotal factor is that your business employees should in no case, reveal proprietary and/or confidential matter. Aspects that could fall under this umbrella are product releases, service updates and employee information that has not been publicised just yet.

Obeying the Rules

Needless to say, the employees should adhere to local, state and federal laws and regulations. After all, online activities are a mirror image of the company.

The contemporary media tools available today are brilliant for developing ones business if the business owner and the employees have the know how of incorporating the usage of the same, to enhance the company’s growth prospects. Thus, a small business should establish the reason for their company making use of social media and impart that purpose to all concerned in the company. Furthermore, they should implement clear social media guidelines that the employees can adhere to and further broaden to meet the company’s mission.

Eventually, every small company would need to have the know how of using the social media tools which then, can be done with focus and rationale, thereby directing the company to a fruitful return from this global age of communication.

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