Engagement; The Right Path for Social Media Chapter 2

To attain the most optimum usage of social media, small business entrepreneurs need to have in place, a well though of strategy with a certain set of guidelines to adhere to when engaging at social media platforms. These strategic pointers along with the guidelines that you adhere to should have a focussed approach in terms of message communication which would thereby notify all the employees using the social media platform to understand the direction to take and direct their messages with that tonality in their posts.

For instance, is your company’s targeted objective to improve customer service? Is it to widen the knowledge of your products and services amongst the potential customers? Is it to enhance brand recognition? All of these questions would play a pivotal part in shaping the communicative messages broadcasted by your employees.

A good example of the same is when a given insurance company that makes use of Twitter and Facebook to notify people about all the humanitarian things that they impart towards the community. The posts are therefore related to the events the insurance company is sponsoring and other various contributions they are making. Employees would thus know that they should be uploading posts with information related to personal things that they are engaged in; contextual to community service such as volunteering at various shelters, helping the disabled, poor, children, old people and the likes of such. Having a clear mindset that the social media effort is to enhance the humanitarian awareness, it makes is less complex for the employees to deliver the kind of message they should communicate on the social media sites.

Another example of the usage of social media could be found in the retail industry to enhance customer service. If you look at retail sector companies, you will notice that most of their messages are inclined towards things that they are doing internally to improve the customer experience and essentially, what they do for the customer to make their shopping experience far more effortless. With these as the fundamentals of the message, the company employee’s are designated to deploy messaged that are targeted on problem solving and always keeping the customers satisfied.

Thus, it can be said that a well endowed social media strategy along with a good set of employee guidelines is far more effective than a list of good and bad words or topics. The strategy should therefore focus on what the small business want to personify amalgamated with the best ways to broadcasting the core message in the social media environment.


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