Ecommerce shopping on Facebook


Digital Face is a product that allows customers to sell products through Facebook.

The potential of engaging customers through social media websites is changing the way sellers structure their online marketing. Having a shop allows Facebook users to engage with your product on a more personal level, while sitting at home in front of the television or getting a quick lunchtime snoop into a user’s Facebook account.

Development in FBML is something we do very well. Without a shadow of any doubt, clients need to be thinking about getting these kinds of services within their marketing mix.

‘Must Be The Music’ required the usual online merchandise account software/fulfilment but also jumped at the chance of getting some product visibility and help in Search Engine Marketing. DigiFace was the perfect solution for them.

A prime example of some of the usage we are talking about:

  • Date range 6th Sep 2010 - 13th Sep 2010
  • 11,216 monthly active users 2,013 since last week
  • 9,374 people like this 1,043 since last week
  • 2,168 wall posts and comments this week 1,214 since last week
  • 10,428 visits this week 3,383 since last week

Website design strategists certainly need to think outside of the box when selling through their website. From this kind of activity within social media development, it’s clear to see the potential we all have to engage our audience.

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