Digital consultancy services London

Mac Expo digital consultancy wing aids in the formulation of the strategic building in context to your business by making use of a broad continuum of methodologies. These range from competitor research to user testing, focus groups, web analytics, business intelligence, stakeholder interviews, web surveys and eye movement tracking.

Our digital web agency London has the hands on skill to advice a broad gamut of clients from their commencement stages whether it is corporate organisations or government bodies or even academic institutions. Mac Expo can subtly amalgamate into your team and lead:

  • Project management of your existing teams
  • Strategic planning from the business plan stages
  • Quantitative research via analytics, surveys and BI
  • Qualitative planning via internal interviews, user testing, eye tracking and focus groups
  • Technical specification documents to ensure all technology is specified correctly

Our digital consultancy services assures your business a well fitted matrix that would encompass all the facets including a business plan, its marketing, creating target audience(s) base and all the technological work.

The consultancy services can therefore be hired as a stand alone service or also strapped on to our other services that may interest you such as website production, SaaS and mobile app creation

Do take a look around our homepage to enlist with the various services we have to offer and contact us at anytime you feel your business needs a boost.

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