Secure Online Streaming

Secure Streaming and Broadcasting

With Mac Expo’ solutions, we enable you to permit and restrict the type of access to your media files only to a certain set of users. These can be implemented for files which may be confidential or copyrighted in nature or even in cases of pay per view scenarios in relation to live sports or Internet TV channels.

Another great service we offer is Secure Flash; a new token authentication technique from Adobe. Nonetheless, both of the above mentioned options would cost a £100 to setup and £50 per month thereafter for as long as you require the service.

With Secure Streaming, the content can be confined from being accessed by all by implementing encryption keys that are generated directly from the system itself.

Subscribed services like Internet TV, radio stations, training companies and 24 hour feeds all implement the use of Secure Streaming to deliver that content only to people who are permitted to view that material and have paid for it.

Moreover, pay-per-view services also use Secure Streaming which ensures the content remains clean and is not corrupted in any manner. This includes On Demand TV, radio podcasts, live music and sporting events.

Secure Streaming Explained

Given below are the levels of security we can offer:

  • Recording Prevention – by inducing a secure token into the media file, viewers are restricted from ripping the content.
  • IP Management – by inducing specific module, some viewers can be restricted for a certain location (country, offices etc.)
  • Domain Restrictions – by restricting access to the streaming server via URL, content can be saved from plagiarism.

Any of the above would surely permit you to broadcast your message to your specific target market within a safe environment with peace of mind that your broadcast on reaches out to your intended audience.

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