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Broadcasting On Demand

At Mac Expo, we aim at providing a spectrum of professional streaming services, all catered to with the best in class quality. Our price structure is absolutely transparent and consultation with you or your team is a given at every step of the project. Do contact us if you have any queries and we will be of assistance at the earliest.

Embedding video and audio on many websites has now been realised as a necessity for any online business. Moreover, the same is also considered very vital to fulfil the expectations of visitors. And these expectations are always widening as many more now prefer an audiovisual option thereby suggesting online entrepreneurs to implement On Demand Streaming (video hosting) so as to keep pace with contemporary times.

Mac Expo provide simple price structures only sustained via GB allowance with no heed to the format your content would be delivered in. The same can be segregated as Storage and Data transfer surely, at your discretion. Once set up, moving up a notch is at your availability as the usage evolves.

On Demand Streaming facilitates you to present vibrant multimedia content on your business website whilst keeping the expenses and complexities of running your own streaming media server away. The shared streaming server space permits you to upload video and audio files through FTP quantified by our effortless control panel to which, links could be build up connecting your own pages.

A spectrum of industries now realise the benefits of online video and audio via On Demand Streaming and that includes pretty much all the business sectors along with entertainment agencies, educational institutions and individuals.

Needless to say, when you engage in business with Mac Expo, you would be the beneficiary of attaining the best quality streaming media servers for your business which are supervised 24/7 to ensure the smooth flow of your service.

And to quantify that peace of mind, we have a dedicated team of specialists on hand to make sure you are obtaining optimum services for our end.

What is On Demand?

In the case of audio and visual media being pre-recorded and uploaded on your website for visitors to view and play when they want it is defined as what is On Demand; this also suggests that visitor is empowered with the viewing plethora he wants to choose from. A large number of visitors can be accommodated to view the same recording at the same time without jeopardising the quality and accessibility.

The archive media is also available to view 24/7 as per demand basis of the viewer who has the power to control the video using common buttons that one would see on a DVD player such as play, pause, fast forward etc.

Open and account with us quickly and the only other thing you have to do is upload you media and our well structured, secure streaming media network and control panel would spawn the required code for the video. Now embed that code for the related media onto your site and in that instant, it would be available to your visitors wherever they may be at any given time.

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