Mac Expo weekly news Jan. 1

We cannot commence the news without wishing all you people a very Happy New Year; this being our first edition of 2011, warm wishes coming your way from the creative technologists at Mac Expo.

Our London digital agency has just recently taken account of London Agent International, an e-commerce platform where users can come and create bespoke fashion clothing and accessories with a personal feel to the entire experience. And it’s as personal as it can get with the entrepreneur of this project going out of her way to push the human force out into the shopping jungles to select what best suits you and what you have selected for your fancy.

The project, from scratch was handed over with trust to our website development agency and in all modesty; the client has been overtly satisfied with the first phase of the project.

Another interesting aspect on the news front suggests that MySpace is now making nearly 50% of its staff redundant. This comes into play as a result of MySpace loosing its grip on the social networking market to giant Facebook.

In other news, retail Mac Expo Amazon has proclaimed that they are now seeking to launch their own web based application store. This service would primarily be available exclusively to programs that operate on Google’s Android mobile operating system and already, developers can initialise the submission process of their self built apps for approval. It does throw us a sign that Amazon is vying for a share of the online apps pie for which the demand is ever increasing.

And to all the Starbucks fans out there, the brewing giant has now unveiled a new logo with a vision to give the brand a makeover. Reasoning behind this suggests that the company now wants to make expansions on their product range and have a broader spectrum of consumer goods away from the traditional coffee range into products like beer, wine and ice-cream in selected US outlets. Although criticism has already played its role through the eyes of many experts, the question still remains if the venture would be a prolific one.

And towards digital news now, it has been reported that the number of spam e-mails that we receive has been on a downfall in the few months gone by. The positively staggering number by a security firm suggested that the spam mails dropped from 200 billion spam e-mails per day in August to around 50 billion per day in December. Analysts have been alarmed at these new figures but do expect a rise to the usual levels soon.

And last but not least, we would like to show gratitude to all our clients and followers alike for making 2010 a fruitful year and hoping to have an even sweeter year this time around.

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