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Another great edition with so much to talk about we could be running low on space. From hitting the number 1 rank on Google for our preferred keywords to vying for a spectrum of awards soon enough, this edition is not one to miss!

Let us initiate this article by firstly notifying all the readers about Google’s latest ‘Panda’ update. This has been in effect in the UK since 18th of April 2011 and is dictated by altered algorithms which completely make the current business models of many organisations redundant. Panda is the latest update incorporated on the Google algorithm which is specifically designed to unveil the contrast between high quality, original content as against the ‘spammy’ SEO driven pages which seldom provide any worthwhile information.

Now for a great outcome of our ever thriving results on Google’s search engine rankings itself. We are now at the number 1, yes number 1 position for the keyword ‘London digital agency’. We can now proudly say that we are officially Google’s number 1 London digital agency. We bestow an ovation to our SEO team for doing so.

Furthermore, we are also in the running to grab three awards and in all hopes we bag all three of them! These are awarded for ‘Best E-commerce services, Best Self Promotional Techniques and Best Blog’. As far as we are concerned, we have made every modest effort to be the best in class. Keeping our fingers crossed!

And connected to the awards as an example, we have recently been acknowledged with the fact that one of our biggest E-Commerce venture; a platform we built for Elizabeth Emanuel, the designer who took the world by storm in the 80’s after having designed a remarkable dress for Princess Diana, has attained a staggering 150,000 page visits just in the week gone by purely due to the Royal Wedding. These outstanding numbers stand as a picture of what kind of quality and stable platforms we are able to produce for all our clients.

Finally, we have a new addition to our team and one that brings to the table expertise related to video editing and formulation. D.J. (or so he is known) hails from South Korea and is an invaluable addition to our vibrant team.

Thats all for this week. See you again soon. Have a great weekend!

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