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We welcome you back to another exciting edition of our weekly news. And this time, we entail news related to the triumph of the Indian team in the cricket world cup, good news for online advertisers and it’s out reach capabilities on all platforms; specifically with social networking environments.

A great victory for India and a well deserved one; what with 23 years gone by chasing the dream, India finally grabbed the cricket world cup! Kudos! The team had its sight set on the same with a burning fire in their hearts, as it was the last world cup for the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Due to this, the team had dedicated itself for the win and wanted to be the ones to enjoy the spoils. A heart felt congratulations to the team and the country from all of us at the London digital agency as we had one hell of an entertaining day cheering the boys in blue!

Good news for the online advertising fraternity as reports suggest that it has now smashed through the £4 billion barrier meaning that it now accounts for over a quarter of the advertising expenses splurged in the UK. A staggering 12.8% increase has been analysed for online advertising in the year 2010; a growth rate of phenomenal increase from 2009, three times more to be precise.

Conversely, a massive growth opportunity for online advertising arose from social network platforms which saw an unparalleled increase of almost 200%. Social networking giant Facebook offer a Pay Per Click option which is centred around the unique information contextual to their users and also endorse Facebook ‘Deals’ and sponsored page posts; all of which have established themselves as a fruitful way of promoting big brands. Nonetheless, these methods have now initiated SME’s to take hold of these prospects as well.

However, Facebook has not been the only one to implement the usage of these advertising channels. Twitter offers sponsored tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts; and these techniques can be attributed to gaining enhanced broadcasting capabilities on the ever expanding micro-blogging website. Others social advertising mediums include YouTube, which is quite popular for its spectrum of viral campaigns and has in current times, acted as an advertising hub to endorse videos, banners, mobile apps and the likes of such. Furthermore, video advertising also saw an increase of two fold in 2010.

Alternatively, traditional advertising methods such as print, radio and outdoor are recuperating from their ill scenario during this economic downturn whilst TV expenditures also seem to be rising as against last year.

But in all honesty, it seems a little bleak that the traditional channels would be able to exuberate the kind of returns that online advertising portrays ever again with stats suggesting that the online spend proportion would continue growth all through 2011.

Thats all for this week. Tune in again next week for more of our on goings and other news on technological advancements.

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