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Welcome back to our fourth edition. This week we have lots to cover and little space to do so. Thus, we’ll keep it simple. On the platter this week; a photo shoot with an elite fashion designer who also happens to be our client, our new ventures and gizmo news for the tech hearted.

We begin by throwing some light on the photo shoot that our head of business development and our MD, David Suter, directed to some extent. This took place for a fashion designer who creates high end fashion clothing for the financially strong for whom, we created the web site.

Although we wish to keep this a secret, we could not bear the itch to not give you a teaser. You would soon be acknowledged with a website that is being unveiled in the coming week for a big celebrity and to give you a hint, he/she is also a known TV nutritionist. The website is one that radiates all the grace of their personality and complements his/her styling persona. Keep guessing and we would surely let you know about the full picture in the coming week.

We have also accomplished a long stance project that our creative technologists have put in many hours for. It’s a property website and one that defies the ways of real estate. With colours that radiate vibrancy and great aesthetics that complement the same, the client now parts ways with a blissful smile on their faces.

The fruitful launch of the T4 online shop which is a subsidiary of channel 4 has also been achieved. Although T4 is a quite an established name, it nonetheless required an eCommerce platform to endorse and sell their merchandise able enough to handle their traffic. This is where we stepped. Need we say more?  Click here for a better insight.

Coming to the latest that is happening in the world of technology, let us first congratulate Apple on its launch of the much anticipated iPad 2 in the UK which would be available to the public for procurement after 5pm today. At £399 for the basic model - 16GB and wifi-only - it’s hard to resist, though those with a bit more to spend should consider the 32GB model with wifi and 3G (£579). But we would know of the reaction from the audiences all over the UK, post the designated time of sale. We wait as one of our creative technologists would bring one home to our agency.

Tweet giant Twitter has recently been accused of spurning developers so as to incur larger sums of profit. Twitter had reported that they did not want developers to clone their interface as heard from a Twitter post tweeted by their coding chief Ryan Sarver who made it clear that the companies out there should discontinue the development of such software’s.

And for all the Google followers out there, the Google Chrome browser has a new logo which in some sense has given the platform a facelift. It’s the same aesthetics but complemented with a simpler look and feel to it. It’s formulated to keep with the evolving times due to most of the areas of design and animation going three dimensional and able to accomodate this logo better.

Unfortunately, this is where we end this weeks news update folks, but do not be disappointed as we assure you, next week would have much, much more! Thanks for tuning in.

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