Design Inspiration

Thinking creatively has been one of the forefronts in the digital advertising industry. Many designs have been imagined by thousands of artists who have worked together with their thinking caps on and had many bursts of inspiration, one after another.

These moments gave multiple births to great masterpieces on electronic canvasses. But being digitally creative isn’t so different than any other creative channel and they all share the same formula and using it can create spectacular images which people will remember. Here are a few ideas to help inspire and motivate you to design.

Google it

When you speak to someone and they describe what they want in a few vague words. These words can be anything and can mean whatever a person wishes from any context. What does one do to understand? Answer – Google it. You will be able to find many images which relate to what you are looking for. Look for similarities in colours, shapes, brightness, contrasts etc.


Location, Location, Location

Imagine to yourself that you are sitting in a white room with nothing inside and you had to come up with a design for a site. How difficult would it be to come up with something imaginative? It would be very difficult wouldn’t it? It is very hard to think creatively in boring, plain, immobile environments. In order to design online, you have to spend time offline. The real world has unlimited possibilities to create great ideas for anything. We all experience different emotions from using our 5 senses wherever we are. Go to many different places e.g. busy streets, parks, shopping malls etc.



There are some people who are able to think creatively in solitude, but in the digital industry, we are powered by artistic professionals who pound their heads together to generate imaginative designs. As the saying goes “2 heads are better than 1”. Try and arrange a group of people to come together, they all look at the same collection of images and encourage them to tell each other what they think. You would be amazed how people can see the same thing in different ways compared to you. We all have different ideas going through our minds everyday and we need to create opportunities to share them and make them into reality.


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