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  • Browser based
    Internet Explorer 5+ is recommended however all modern graphical browsers can be use. No special software is required to use Digital Cms.
  • Optional image processing
    Commonly available server software like GDlib, Freetype and ImageMagick are reuiured for image processing.
  • Sound codebase
    Classes are used for creating the common functions for easy to extended PHP-programmers. Our code is also well commented.
  • Relational Database
    The use of MySQL is our proffered storage of content because of its consistent fast performance and high reliability. For more more info see
  • Security
    File downloads can be secured. Md5-encryption is used for password submission and storage (backend). Intranets, extranets and administration sections can be IP-filtered. Encryption of data-transfer is also available through standard webserver Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
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