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You are in charge of the daily management of the website approaching the system as a superuser perspective. The responsibilities include assigning responsibilities, creating users and supervising workflow. The webserver, security and technical infrastructure is also looked after by you.

  • Logging
    Information is logged in a history palette. Actions are monitored, tracked and can be riveted back in case accidental loss of information.
  • Pageview statistics
    Simple internal hit counters, to advanced log files can be accessed through the a CMS control panel. Page impression from staff can be excluded so stats are accurate in providing the correct information. Log files can be downloaded and exported into other application for further analysis.
  • Permission control
    Each user, owner or group is set a security access level allowing maintenance of different areas which may be locked for lower authorities within the sitemap.
  • Simultaneous Editing Warning
    Warnings are shown incase a file is being worked on to save a potential file being lost or overwritten. The contact details are also available to show the whereabouts of the file.
  • Staging System included
    The Production Server can be separated from the webserver during usage in a live/production environment to optimise web performance. This feature also creates a higher level for security.
  • Task Centre for workgroup collaboration
    This is where a useful to do list is compiled for writing notes, shortcuts to recent work and other useful comments for users such as administrators, authors and editors sending messages to one another.
  • User management & detailed customization.
    Every user or whole groups and subgroups are assigned different authoring environments provided for fine tuning the website. Simple or complex roles can assigned to users. These are all pre defined defaults.
  • User management and overview
    Large amount of users can be selected at one time to allow access to edit certain objects and modules within the website. Simple or complex roles can assigned to users.
  • Workflow engine
    Similar to a notes system the workflow engine allows information to be recorded such as approved files within the work group of authors, editors and reviewers.
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