Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study refers to the evaluation of a proposal or a website design to analyse the obstacles involved in implementing the task. A feasibility study is carried out before the technical development and project implementation. A feasibility study enables the Web site owner to sort out the impediments in the website project and implement the necessary changes in the actual design.

Web design London companies such as Mac Expo offer feasibility study as part of their web design services to predict the results of a specific website design. A feasibility study can help the website owner understand the impact of the major changes they might contemplate. This study has succeeded in helping the clients envisage which strategies will work and which will not in varied situations. This study empowers them to determine what resources are required to complete varied situations, by enabling them to draw their strengths. By using this feasibility study in a Web site design, you can eliminate the flaws typically associated with such projects.

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Feasibility studies help in the design or remodel of websites. It helps you add successful elements and find alternatives for the unsuccessful ones. A feasibility study is performed with the help of experts. They create an outline of the feasibility report before implementing them. The errors in the project are highlighted in this report. By analysing these errors and implementing the improvements, the business can overcome the obstacles in their design and reduce the project cost thereby providing the perfect economical and profitable solution.

Feasibility studies are of four types. There are technical feasibility study, economic feasibility study, operational feasibility study, legal feasibility study and schedule feasibility study.

It is important to consider monetary factors before establishing the technical feasibility. Cost-benefits are the most important in economical feasibility as mentioned earlier. Operational feasibility studies are conducted to analyse whether the users are happy with the current design, the management supports the project, or the users have been involved in planning and development of the project. A legal feasibility study includes the study of contracts, liability, violations and traps frequently unknown to the technical staff. Schedule feasibility study estimates how long the system will take to develop and to complete in a given time period. This study is a measure of time taken for a project.

Typically a website feasibility study involves testing of a web design in relation to different user scenarios.  The output of feasibility study is known as the feasibility study report. It details the evaluation criteria, the study findings, and the recommendations.

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