Converting Facebook Fans into Super fans; The Knowhow - Part 2 of 3

Entailed below are four methods of making your fans move up the rank:

1. Attract Your Ideal Fan with Engagement Ads

An end user who does not seem to care much about the products and/or services you provide will not monetize into a purchaser, let alone a super fan. The aim of the game is to target real value fans.

This is where engagement ads step into the picture. These ads endorse links within Facebook in way of events or apps in some cases whilst in this case, your page; to users randomly selected on basis of their interests, demographics and other target market methods. The only thing the user needs to do is select “like” on the ad and your updates would immediately be available on their news feed.

To create an utmost effective and engaging ad:

  • Target the right audience – Use Facebook’s massive database to your advantage by focussing your objective to a certain target market. For instance, if I am a shoes manufacturer and wanted to amplify my fan base I would target people who have liked my competitor’s page as those leads resonate well for me too. Moreover, targeting Facebook users who may have mentioned running activities would also fall in the target market.
  • Incite action – The 25 characters allotted to you for your headline prompt should initiate action or even put forth an engaging question to grab your potential target markets attention.

2. Create Word-of-Mouth Advocates with Contests

Undoubtedly, word-of-mouth is the most economical and influential way of moving engaging fans up the ranking order. However, it’s not something money can buy. Rather, the same has to be earned.

Make use of contests as they are a sure way of generating authenticated word-of-mouth activity. And taking under assumption that you have made use of Facebook ads to attract more high-value fans, it’s a sure shot that a large chunk of your fan’s friends have same or similar interests.

Another gaining point for you comes into play by automation. What this means is that every time a fan engages with your contest and endorses the same, they are, in some sense, providing free advertising for you. This may sound like a piece of cake, but do keep in mind that a lot of the Facebook contests hit rock bottom due to their false claims and/or offering a wrong motivational factor.

A clear example of the same can be seen if you were once again a shoe manufacturer. Say you start a contest which gives away an iPad. This will surely drive a positive frenzy amongst your fans and their friends but you tend to notice that when promoting a new pair of trainers, your conversion rates are relatively low. The answer to this is simple.

Giving away prizes that appeal to almost everyone is a complete diversion from the niche that you cater to and this obviously tends to attract people who are in it to grab the chance of winning an iPad; bringing us to the point that these are surely not fans that could be a potential conversion to a super fan. Therefore, a more astute choice would be to design a contest that is formulated around giving away prizes that your ideal customer would want.

Get the last bit of valuable information tomorrow. Have a great day!

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