Conceptual Design

Using conceptual design for your product or company allowing our agency to deploy the perfect brand online

Conceptual design is the first real step you need to take in the process of creating a website, a logo, or an advertising campaign. By thinking about your business and what it offers, the perfect design can be created to express the message you wish to convey. At Mac Expo, the practice of conceptual design is a part of our daily life. We take the time to truly understand your business and your business goals in order to develop a design that will be sure to reach your target audience in an effective manner.We offer a number of services that include conceptual design.

Among these services are:

  • Brand strategy
  • E-commerce systems
  • Interactive media design
  • Mobile SMS, MMS, Video, and WAP
  • Online gaming and quizzes
  • Online marketing
  • Website maintenance

Each of these services requires conceptual design in one way or another. With brand strategy, for example, we will work closely with you in order to understand the message you wish to convey with your brand. We will then develop a number of ways to make your brand more recognizable and, ultimately, preferred by your target audience.

E-commerce systems also requires the art of conceptual design as we create a method for you to conduct business online in a manner that convenient for your customers. Similarly, the media design and marketing strategies we create all find their beginnings rooted in conceptual design.


The online gaming and quizzes we create also start with conceptual design. At this stage, we consider the overall purpose of the games and quizzes. Of course, your ultimate goal is to draw customers to your site and to keep them coming back. Nonetheless, you have to decide if you want the games to be purely for fun or to be informational.

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