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A gamut of misapprehensions exists today with regards to SEO (search engine optimisation).  One of the major illusive outcomes that many a website design London owners have in their heads is that once their web design London site is good to go after it’s submitted to the search engines, they should have an influx of massive traffic straight up. But there’s more to that than just the submission to incur traffic to your business or London digital agency. SEO task is one that requires a continual process involving a fair bit of tasks. But pre submission of the website design London to the search engines, given below are a few pointers that should be adhered to.

1 – Research Your Keywords

A very pivotal aspect you need to peer into contextual to SEO and pre-submission is the analytical investigation of your keywords. Regardless of your knowledge for your web design London site and its related topics, it is very crucial for you to ascertain the correct keywords for business or London digital agency site. And do stick to the criteria set by the search engines for your keywords. The trick is to opt for keywords that are niche in nature as against choosing keywords that have a broader use frequency, which would not aid with the ranking of your site a lot.

2 – Improve Your Title Tags

Secondly, do measure the potency of your tags before considering submitting your website design London to the search engines. Keyword structure and title tags are some of the biggest deciding factors to calculate your London digital agency site rankings in the search engine. Do not impose title tags that are not integrated with your web design London site’s keywords. Keeping the title tags keyword rich would make certain that you are at the receiving end of strong page rankings on search engines.

3 – Site Technology

Do verify the technology that is being used for your website design London prior to submission. Some of the available technology is not very SEO friendly and can result in creating complexities for the spiders that crawl your London digital agency site. To entail a few; image maps, CGI scripts, frames and the likes of such may not be comprehended by the spiders on your web design London site. This is why is it critical to browse through the sire to understand the technology and if it is not barring you from hitting good ranks on search engines.

4 – Check for Errors

Lastly, go through your website design London and check for any errors which also play an integral role in calculating your SEO. Using London digital agency site maintenance tools would surely catch the page errors prior to enticing traffic to your web design London site. These errors are not only problematic for spiders but also a pain for the visitors to your website design London which would only do one thing; drive them away.

To sum up though, these steps are ever so essential for your website design London. And prior to submission to search engines, these steps are a must.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; this is the method of optimising your website design London to gain a viable position through which your website would appear on the user’s search results depending on the keywords put into the search bar.

In this age of modernisation, it is essential for all businesses to have a purpose-built website design via a London digital agency. The vast spectrum of data available over the web, along with the ease of access to said data, has placed in people’s minds the anticipation that all businesses have a sound website offering extensive information on the services and/or products available.

In terms of online presence, almost all institutions and entities of any given magnitude have at their disposal a personal website, or at least a blog. This plays to the customer’s advantage as they can now approach the company 24 hours a day and in the comfort of their home.

And from the perspective of the business owner or entrepreneur, the platform for endorsing the products and services available is spread across a plethora of aesthetics such as business convictions, product catalogues, pictures, videos, and itemised descriptions of wares, including prices. This is a fantastic way of strategically marketing your company’s prospects.

Now we state the dilemma: all business owners are much aware of these identical findings. Even in the case of murky business there is a clutter of thousands of websites that offer similar products, and all of these businesses are vying for the top rankings.

Statistics suggest that 69.5 % percent of users that look up a businesses on their computer end up using the service provided by Google (according to research firm Hitwise for f.y.2008). Filling in the rest of the pie chart are Yahoo and Microsoft, whilst AOL comes in at position four.

Further marketing research carried out by Chitika confirmed that the top ‘organic’ location on Google was the driving force behind 34.35% of all online transactions that take place. This was through the consensus figure – a number that was otherwise spread out from positions 2 through 5 and was the accumulative total of positions 5 to 20. Put plainly, organic rank 1 is nearly worth double the amount of rank 2, and the descent is steep thereafter. This top organic position is known as the Google ‘sweet spot’ by many-a-London digital agency.

Thus acquiring the top ranking on Google’s organic search plethora could lead to double the e-commerce activity in comparison with the website ranked second. Pivotally, for many businesses today, this seemingly innocuous ranking could determine the difference between success and failure.

A global outreach website design London without the grasp of traffic cannot be considered anything but a burden to the business. Its existence is in vain without the visitors. However, entering the picture are valuable backlinks which surely aid in traffic maximisation of a web design London website. In essence, these are just links that track back to your website design London. This is nowadays considered an imperative aspect to gain better response for the website in the eyes of many-a-London digital agency.

There are also constant variations in marketing methods via London digital agency. To keep a website design London at its prime position, it needs to collaborate with powerful and high ranking backlinks that, in due course, make the mass of the website design London appealing and plausible. Another advantage of backlinks is that not only do they aid in the connectivity of your website design London to others; they also improve search engine rankings. The last point summed up simply says that links are like votes – the more the merrier.

Thus acquiring a large number of inbound links from similar meaningful and favoured website design London sites is sure to help in targeting quantifiable traffic towards your business website design London. A reputed London digital agency has the capacity to procure best-in-class inbound links that range high on the ranking list, designed specifically for you.

Again, the type of traffic that would influx on your website design London largely depends on the quality of the links used. Links that are relevant to the services provided by your business enable good quality traffic. Do not in any case apply for link-building opportunities just for the sake of it. Attaining links from irrelevant websites does not help to attract the appropriate traffic for your website. In extreme cases, one could also be penalised, as has happened to several London digital agencies.

Backlinks are therefore considered a prime move to broaden the coverage of your website design London, and are viewable to a large share of your target audience. Do note, however, that quantity should never surpass quality, and the lure to buy more for less is not recommended. If the link-building is done thoroughly by keeping in mind the ethics and relevant elements, then the links for can help you in the long term – not only to entice traffic, but also to increase sales and the search engine ranking of your website design London.

So you want your message to be ceremonial? Casual? Meticulous or succinct? Not to worry. Our team of copywriters at our website design London agency excavate the most out of your brand’s potential, thereby making sure that the tone and consistency of your message is accurately portrayed to your target market.

Formulated on your key differentiators, brand guidelines and keyword approach analysis, our London digital agency develops web-orientated, premium quality copy that aids high page rankings via search engine marketing methodologies. A few of our services include:

  • Expert integration into design
  • Information architecture integration
  • Localisation not translation
  • Translation services

Our team of copywriters at our website design London agency work uniformly with our team of creative technologists, exhausting all the elements of interactive media to optimise the copywriting user experience.

Do give us a shout to see how we can integrate best-in-class copywriting techniques for your business and impart the market edge that you’re after.

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