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Dynamic Remarketing: Saving Your Business in 2015?


You’ve heard the phrase “new year, new me” before—everyone uses the date January 1 to make changes in their lives for the better, and that includes businesses as well. It’s basic protocol for all businesses to know their customers, especially what they want and need. But there are additional elements at play when dynamic remarketing comes into the fold: knowing what they wanted (but couldn’t purchase at the time), and knowing what they will want in the future. Dynamic remarketing is also important not only because they can bring those who are just “window shopping” to buy—it can also help you re-establish business relationships you may have had before. Example campaign Mac Expo created for the Armani watches using clever re-marketing technique that resembled a site take over.

Getting To Know You

Customers are fickle—they’re bombarded with untold ads a day. The amount of stimuli these ads bring to customers cause them to be overwhelmed or confused, especially when they see your ads and your competitors’ ads, and making a decision on whether to buy or not may move to the back of their minds. Businesses are jockeying for them to buy their products and services, and sometimes they block off these ads that they might have already seen from your company, your competitors, and other businesses in unrelated industries. Using dynamic remarketing, however, gives customers a sense of belonging—that you remembered them and their individual wants and needs. This can be directly linked through Google merchant account or Magento store to show off your products as soon as they get uploaded.

Social Remarketing?

Social media can prove useful in your quest for dynamic remarketing. For example, customers can retweet your Twitter about certain products and services they’re interested in. Businesses should take note of the mention of their company in their tweets and retweet customers. You only have 160 characters, so make sure you recommend certain products and services to them based on their wants and needs in as little space as you can. Doing this via social media will give you an edge, and if you document the mentions of your company on social media sites such as Twitter, you can get to know who’s buying your products and services better.

The Right Time

You need to know when to remarket as well—customers don’t want to be bombarded with marketing materials over and over, which often translates to spam. You might want to think of a clever remarketing campaign—this financial services company participated in Love Lending Week, which promoted lending money to small businesses. The week they participated in the event was the first week of November, giving small businesses not only the money, but also the time to allocate money into their holiday marketing efforts. Example ad campaign below we did for DunHill.

Follow The Money

Google has made dynamic remarketing easy, add a piece of JS script onto your website where by Google will start to register your users (minimum of 100 users before re-marketing kicks in).

As one of the leading advertisers in the world, Google have created many tools to help businesses reach out to potential customers who have browsed the site once before and have their information on file. This can help increase conversions—most sites have reported increased conversions when customers were remarketed to, making it one of the more lucrative and popular ways of marketing today.


Thankfully, with technology, this is a lot easier than it used to be—you can track customers’ searching habits on your online store or website and suggest it to them while they’re browsing.

Dynamic and normal remarketing helps your business reach customers they couldn’t reach without the user punching in there credentials.

Google ads keeps your products and services fresh in their minds and establishing that personal connection is essential to a good business relationship.

It answers two questions—what customers wanted before (but couldn’t get for any variety of reasons) and what they might buy in the future if they return to your website or shop to buy anything. With current technology, you can use dynamic remarketing to increase your conversions and establish (or re-establish) a business relationship with your customers.

The addition of the “+1” button in order to induce attitude of users in its search results has created a lot of criticism due to the company not addressing this addition as an official statement.

Provided below are a few questions that were answered by Google representative Jim Prosser to

Why has Google initiated this?

Google has suggested that the primary reason for doing so is to make the search results more interesting and connected to the user. This of course, is substituted by the reason of Google competing with Facebook. Prosser said, “People consult their friends and other contacts on decisions. It’s very easy and lightweight way to make search results more relevant.”

Will the number of +1s affect search rankings?

At the moment, Prosser has confirmed that it would not be the case but added further that Google are quite interested in integrating this for search engine purposes at some point in the future.

Who are these contacts we’re seeing next to the +1s?

These contacts are by default from Google Contacts that are allocated for a plethora of Google products including Gmail, Buzz and Reader.

Will we see Facebook friends giving +1s at some point?

May not be the case. Prosser firmly asserts the dissimilarity between the ‘open web’ and Facebook’s closed environment. Google is ready to make collaborative efforts with open source apps but resists doing the same with Facebook.

Does Twitter have a chance?

That looks more optimistic. Google nonetheless already integrates Twitter data in its search engine. Although Prosser argued that there don’t seem to be any immediate plans to put this into action and incorporate Twitter results with +1.

When will we start seeing the +1s?

The mass effectual results are not applicable for a few months yet. Nonetheless, those who cannot wait to play with this platform can go to to experiment with the same. Prosser also added that a tiny percentage of sites would have the “+1” button in the coming weeks.

Will +1 be a part of banner ads?

Not momentarily, but could be a prospect Google would look at in the near future.

Sign-up Form

Making sure that you entice thousands of visitors to your website design London on a monthly basis is rendered ineffectual if you are able to only persuade a small percentage of them from the users who actually make an inquiry about your London digital agency. What would solve the matter at hand would be the availability of a sign up form at your web design London page that also presents a freebie (maybe a free report), a newsletter or the likes of such. By doing so, you have the capability of capturing visitor details such as name and email address of the visitors that have come by your website design London thereby self initiating a list of prospects that could engage in business with your London digital agency.

Highly Visible Contact Details

The vital purpose of your small business web design London site is usually to promote inquiries which would lead you to the definitive sales point so increase returns on investments for your website design London. It is thus dire critical for your London digital agency to have its contact details displayed in the most prominent manner, preferably on every page. In an ideal scenario, you should place your contact details on every page in the header section. Furthermore, do try and broadcast every possible contact method such as telephone, fax, email, full address or even in these contemporary times, Skype, Facebook and Twitter details so as to attain maximum reach for your London digital agency.

Dedicated Sales Pages

Lastly, and the one which is most delicate, is when you should try to implement separate pages for each product and/or service depending on your business. This permits you magnify the finer details of every product and/or service such as its benefits, features, product/service attributes and many more. It also allows your website design London to endorse extensive information about the products which users usually tend to prefer than just having the product/service name and model number in the case of a product. Quantifiably, inducing better information also aids with valuable SEO techniques to increase the rank of your web design London site.

A massive chunk of web users access their computers seeking specific material and in all probability, would go to search engines to look for it. It is therefore righteous to suggest that if you have a website design London that entails similar prospects from the one that has been searched for by the user; you can stand as the beneficiary of having you own web design London page show at the top of the search engine rankings.

Nonetheless, if you do end up committing any of the following three search engine optimisation misdeeds, you are jeopardising the existence of your website design London and further decreasing the probability of Internet users and business prospects from many a London digital agency not being able to see your London website design.

Since the advent of search engines and through its early stages of gaining recognition, a lot of London digital agency has tried to find loop holes in the system. And whilst these ways did obtain limited success in the former days of the web, the three ways listed below are sure to get your London website design banned and without doubt, would do more harm than good thereby leading us to say that avoiding these are the wise choice.

The first error one’s website design London could get banned for from search engines is to create a ‘doorway passage’. This model suggests that you develop a London website design page that are populated with keywords about a certain subject in order to acquire a good listing on the search engines for the concurring topic, but as the user clicks on that link, the page would involuntarily redirect the visitor to another website design London with a totally different subject matter. This unethical practice delivers unpleasant Internet experience in the mind of the user and needless to say, the reasons are rather straight forward for you to get banned from search engine listings.

Tune in later in the day for the second half of this article. Thanks for reading.

Internal links

The next set of links to tackle are internal links which direct itself from one page of your website to another one. This would be the best time to dictate a quick fact contextual to search engines and their methods of indexing. Please note, search engines do not index websites but instead, index web pages. Essentially, this suggests that it is not the site that is authoritative, rather the web page in actuality. And reasoning behind reliable websites having good page ranks is due to the well integrated internal linking abilities.

So, lets ask ourselves a question, when a rather large and powerful site builds a new page, what does that page hold? Well, it has a magnitude of authoritative links from other reliable websites already seated on the site. These can all be attributed to internal linking.

There doesn’t seem to be a defined way of linking your pages. To have in place an unswerving navigation bar is the first step towards success. But this however is only one of the many things you could do. For people who use Word Press, you can find a continuum of plug-ins for your posts that would automate link creation to other related posts for you. It is highly recommended to instil more internal links that external ones. Thus, a 1:3 in the form of one outbound link to every three internal links is an optimum ratio.

A practice that goes by the name of PageRank sculpting entails drastically limiting the total number of outbound links you have in order to keep a higher proportion of links internally. Although the same sounds like a wise plan to go with, it nonetheless falls short of its expectations in practice. PageRank through research, has been seen to have a more cyclical approach and would keep a lot more value on the site naturally. And to quantify further, do keep in mind the resourcefulness of outbound linking and its aid towards your ranking; do not hold back on linking to great websites.


We at our London digital agency have acknowledged the fact that many of us read and even purchase a lot of material on SEO and have been notified of the same on page optimisation techniques time and time again. But the fact of the matter is, all of them contribute to the basics of on page techniques. And due to the repetitive nature of the material we read, a presumption in our minds leads us to say that there is nothing other than the mentioned data thereby deeming it as less crucial that backlinking. Do not fall prey to this! Take care of your site, it is your baby! Optimise the text, optimise the links and brush up the same everyday as if they were your teeth.

That’s all we have for you about on page optimisation techniques. Hope the same goes a long way to fulfil your SERP requirements and if applied well, would prove to have definitive results, rest assured!

We cannot commence the news without wishing all you people a very Happy New Year; this being our first edition of 2011, warm wishes coming your way from the creative technologists at Mac Expo.

Our London digital agency has just recently taken account of London Agent International, an e-commerce platform where users can come and create bespoke fashion clothing and accessories with a personal feel to the entire experience. And it’s as personal as it can get with the entrepreneur of this project going out of her way to push the human force out into the shopping jungles to select what best suits you and what you have selected for your fancy.

The project, from scratch was handed over with trust to our website development agency and in all modesty; the client has been overtly satisfied with the first phase of the project.

Another interesting aspect on the news front suggests that MySpace is now making nearly 50% of its staff redundant. This comes into play as a result of MySpace loosing its grip on the social networking market to giant Facebook.

In other news, retail Mac Expo Amazon has proclaimed that they are now seeking to launch their own web based application store. This service would primarily be available exclusively to programs that operate on Google’s Android mobile operating system and already, developers can initialise the submission process of their self built apps for approval. It does throw us a sign that Amazon is vying for a share of the online apps pie for which the demand is ever increasing.

And to all the Starbucks fans out there, the brewing giant has now unveiled a new logo with a vision to give the brand a makeover. Reasoning behind this suggests that the company now wants to make expansions on their product range and have a broader spectrum of consumer goods away from the traditional coffee range into products like beer, wine and ice-cream in selected US outlets. Although criticism has already played its role through the eyes of many experts, the question still remains if the venture would be a prolific one.

And towards digital news now, it has been reported that the number of spam e-mails that we receive has been on a downfall in the few months gone by. The positively staggering number by a security firm suggested that the spam mails dropped from 200 billion spam e-mails per day in August to around 50 billion per day in December. Analysts have been alarmed at these new figures but do expect a rise to the usual levels soon.

And last but not least, we would like to show gratitude to all our clients and followers alike for making 2010 a fruitful year and hoping to have an even sweeter year this time around.

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