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Dynamic Remarketing: Saving Your Business in 2015?


You’ve heard the phrase “new year, new me” before—everyone uses the date January 1 to make changes in their lives for the better, and that includes businesses as well. It’s basic protocol for all businesses to know their customers, especially what they want and need. But there are additional elements at play when dynamic remarketing comes into the fold: knowing what they wanted (but couldn’t purchase at the time), and knowing what they will want in the future. Dynamic remarketing is also important not only because they can bring those who are just “window shopping” to buy—it can also help you re-establish business relationships you may have had before. Example campaign Mac Expo created for the Armani watches using clever re-marketing technique that resembled a site take over.

Getting To Know You

Customers are fickle—they’re bombarded with untold ads a day. The amount of stimuli these ads bring to customers cause them to be overwhelmed or confused, especially when they see your ads and your competitors’ ads, and making a decision on whether to buy or not may move to the back of their minds. Businesses are jockeying for them to buy their products and services, and sometimes they block off these ads that they might have already seen from your company, your competitors, and other businesses in unrelated industries. Using dynamic remarketing, however, gives customers a sense of belonging—that you remembered them and their individual wants and needs. This can be directly linked through Google merchant account or Magento store to show off your products as soon as they get uploaded.

Social Remarketing?

Social media can prove useful in your quest for dynamic remarketing. For example, customers can retweet your Twitter about certain products and services they’re interested in. Businesses should take note of the mention of their company in their tweets and retweet customers. You only have 160 characters, so make sure you recommend certain products and services to them based on their wants and needs in as little space as you can. Doing this via social media will give you an edge, and if you document the mentions of your company on social media sites such as Twitter, you can get to know who’s buying your products and services better.

The Right Time

You need to know when to remarket as well—customers don’t want to be bombarded with marketing materials over and over, which often translates to spam. You might want to think of a clever remarketing campaign—this financial services company participated in Love Lending Week, which promoted lending money to small businesses. The week they participated in the event was the first week of November, giving small businesses not only the money, but also the time to allocate money into their holiday marketing efforts. Example ad campaign below we did for DunHill.

Follow The Money

Google has made dynamic remarketing easy, add a piece of JS script onto your website where by Google will start to register your users (minimum of 100 users before re-marketing kicks in).

As one of the leading advertisers in the world, Google have created many tools to help businesses reach out to potential customers who have browsed the site once before and have their information on file. This can help increase conversions—most sites have reported increased conversions when customers were remarketed to, making it one of the more lucrative and popular ways of marketing today.


Thankfully, with technology, this is a lot easier than it used to be—you can track customers’ searching habits on your online store or website and suggest it to them while they’re browsing.

Dynamic and normal remarketing helps your business reach customers they couldn’t reach without the user punching in there credentials.

Google ads keeps your products and services fresh in their minds and establishing that personal connection is essential to a good business relationship.

It answers two questions—what customers wanted before (but couldn’t get for any variety of reasons) and what they might buy in the future if they return to your website or shop to buy anything. With current technology, you can use dynamic remarketing to increase your conversions and establish (or re-establish) a business relationship with your customers.

Social media is a social instrument of communication for many a London digital agency; it interacts as well as gives the information. For instance, it lets you comment as well as vote on articles. Essentially, social media integrates online technology and methods through which people can share content, personal opinion, different perspectives and can discuss the evolution in itself. Social media usually contains text, images, audio and video.

Social media marketing is an addition to personal and small businesses including web design London companies, corporate and non profit organisations which have integrated marketing communication plans.  It coordinates promotional elements such as advertising, personal selling, public relations, publicity, direct marketing and seals promotions, increasingly viral marketing is also grouped in to integrated marketing communication by many website design London agencies. It allows creating content which attracts attention and encouraging readers to share with their social network which spreads from person to person. This type of marketing is driven by word of mouth hence it is presumably resonate as it comes from third party source.

Now a day’s social media is became a platform which can be easily accessed by people through internet and is being widely used by many a London digital agency, which increases the communication for organisations which leads to brand awareness and improves customer services. Marketing through social media is relatively cheaper then old traditional marketing as suggested by web design London companies.

Following are the most popular social media marketing websites

Social networking: social networking websites allows to create personal profiles, communities, groups, web pages, which can be shared with anyone like friends and family, fans, customers, members etc. for example Facebook, MySpace, Bebo etc.

Wikis: it allows creating, sharing and editing the information about any topic for example Wikipedia.

Photo sharing: photo sharing enables to upload pictures and images to personal account, which can be then, shared with other internet users. For example Picasa, Flickr

Video sharing: video sharing allows sharing videos to the rest of the web community, a perfect example of video sharing website is YouTube.

So Big Brother’s now gone Biggest Brother in terms of endorsing activities. And its popularity this year has truly been amplified so it can aptly be called Biggest Brother. Nonetheless, we all know what Big Brother entails and how the show works. What you didn’t know is the information hereafter.

Our digital agency has been at the forefront of keeping peoples admirations of being attached to Big Brother alive. Mac Expo have been the care takers of the online merchandising division of Big Brother by being awarded with the maintenance of the website, and have been doing so for the last decade! Yes, we have been attached to the show since its birth back in the year 2000 when the programme used to air on Channel 4, remember?

The online store sells everything from the usual merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and hoodies to the more unique stuff like cotton bags.  The products entail good quality and are well designed keeping in mind the fresh look of the show itself. The eye logo of Big Brother is engraved on all the products so you know you’re in for a genuine treat.

It’s now been more than a decade since the show started and it’s fair to say that its fame has always been rising. With the show yet in its prime, it is now available for viewing on Channel 5. And as times change, so does the show. It now boasts of a great new look that one can see on the show. And thanks to us, the same is an integral element of the merchandising shop too! Click here to view the online store.

To sum up then, we are very proud to be continuing this long standing tradition and being an imperative part of the show makes us feel just that bit special! It is our privilege to be a part of this momentous show and we would continue to do so for as long as it has a slot on TV every year.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another edition of our news. Hope this summer has been treating you well?  On the platter we have for you news about our new colleague, our latest accomplished project, the awards we have bagged and news from the world of technology.

Let us initiate this news by firstly acknowledging you with the launch of our new project; Mazali.  The website is a gift portal that entails a plethora of stylish gifts, home wares and accessories fit for living rooms and homes essentially. The platform radiates with clean white background lapped with vibrant purple text and imagery.  We bestow an ovation to all who helped make this project happen. Click the link to check out the site;

Mac Expo has also been awarded recently with the best in class for the website Consensus Economics 2011 by the prestigious Interactive Media Awards. Furthermore, we have also bagged three awards from the Horizon group of awards; the first two went to a site we created called The awards were for best e-commerce (silver) platform and best self promotion/portfolio (bronze).  The last award was for Jeff Beck’s website which entailed an incredible theme and visual layout, resulting in the guitar and amp features for the menu options. This outstanding feature and many more were then awarded by the Horizon Committee with the ‘best interactive design (silver)’ award for 2010. Yes, we are on cloud nine!

Now for some tech news! Software giant Microsoft was recently forced to apologise to their massive fan following on the Xbox 360 Twitter account as they tried to rope in cash unethically on Amy Winehouse’s death. It was when the Xbox 360 official Twitter account posted a tweet urging followers to download her ‘back to black’ album in memory of the singer. Needless to say, that backfired leading to the apology.

Last but not least, we would like to welcome to our team the newest entrant, Mr. Uri Kosky, Head of Business Development. He hails for an entrepreneurial background and carries with himself, many years of experience in this field. We are now one step closer to attaining perfection as a unified, web 2.0 solutions provider.

That’s all we have for you this week. Tune in again for another great edition soon. Have a great day!

The jargon ‘user experience’ or UX as it is known has been provided a fair bit of attention. However, many a website design London businesses still seem to be eluded on its role and its factorial aspects with regards to their London digital agency success. But this is not the case anymore as many respected scholars of the subject have now thrown light on the subjects’ biggest misconceptions. The following 10 pointers are thus an essentiality when considering UX.

User experience design is NOT

1) User Interface Design

‘User experience’ has often been misconstrued as ‘user interface’. And for obvious reasons, as it is an integral part of what users interact with when engaging in viewing London digital agency products and services. Nonetheless, UI is just a significant piece of the bigger picture.

2) A Step in the Process

Moreover, it is the process and one to enable a great experience for your web design London users and surely not just another design that needs to be adhered to as your website design London company should always listen and implement changes in accordance to user preferences.

3) About Technology

In the view of Mario Bourque, manager of information architecture and content management at Trapeze Group, “It’s about how we live. It’s about everything we do; it surrounds us.” Its how a painter uses paint to induce his ideas and emotions in the eyes of the beholder, user experience implements technology usage to fulfill the people’s needs and wants. Moreover, the primary aim of website design London user experience is to aid people and not endorse superior technology.

4) Just About Usability

In the words of Chris Fahey, founder at Behaviour, “People often think that [UX design] is a way to make products that suck into products that don’t suck by dedicating resources to the product’s design”. Developing products and services which are effortless and innate is not the only goal, at all. So as to mould people’s behaviour, your London digital agency would need to create stuff they would want to use.

5) Just About the User

A leading design strategist such as Russ Unger argues that “We just can’t always do what is best for the users. We have to try to make sure that we are presenting an overall experience that can meet as many goals and needs as possible for the business and the users.” Moreover, as user experience designers, people like Ross Unger have to seek and touch down on a well endowed spot between the user’s requirements and the web design London objective to make sure that the design is on brand.

6) Costly

All website design London projects need a customised method with regards to the available resources, capacity, time constraints and cost factors. However do note, the above mentioned aspects are a part and parcel of every assignment and like many assignments, this does not have to be an expensive and time consuming process.

7) Effortless

By considering that you are well informed on good and resourceful activities and considering even more that you know your London digital agency business well, it is not the epitome of knowledge that can be applied to UX. Furthermore, abandoning some pivotal steps is a road to debacle. Taking into account assumptions about the users, and how you expect those users to use your web design London products and services and more specifically, who they are, how they behave and what makes them click or tick; if all is presumed, you are certain to be wrong. Thus, engage with them and employ the apt people to accommodate the process as this would surely yield fruitful results.

8.) One Man Show

User experience designers are surely not people with ethics of best practices and are surely not people who have all the answers. But what most of the website design London user experience designers do possess is a skill of listening. Whilst they can manage to design processes with the most effective and efficient design implications, it is nonetheless the people of the business who have the power to make it a triumph.

9) A Single Discipline

As the practice of UX is fairly contemporary, many people have now by will, started focussing on some of the involved aspects of UX and its collaterals specifically. People now specialise in different parts of the process. Some of the UX practitioners are targeted to techniques like mental models or single challenge or web forum or even usability testing.

10) A Choice

This goes out for people who believe that you or your London digital agency does not require user experience design, well, think again! “Nobody wants to believe that what they are offering is of poor-quality or deficient,” says Kaleem Khan, an independent UX consultant, “because nobody sets out to achieve a bad design as a goal. It’s always a risk. Bad designs and bad experiences happen.”

Sign-up Form

Making sure that you entice thousands of visitors to your website design London on a monthly basis is rendered ineffectual if you are able to only persuade a small percentage of them from the users who actually make an inquiry about your London digital agency. What would solve the matter at hand would be the availability of a sign up form at your web design London page that also presents a freebie (maybe a free report), a newsletter or the likes of such. By doing so, you have the capability of capturing visitor details such as name and email address of the visitors that have come by your website design London thereby self initiating a list of prospects that could engage in business with your London digital agency.

Highly Visible Contact Details

The vital purpose of your small business web design London site is usually to promote inquiries which would lead you to the definitive sales point so increase returns on investments for your website design London. It is thus dire critical for your London digital agency to have its contact details displayed in the most prominent manner, preferably on every page. In an ideal scenario, you should place your contact details on every page in the header section. Furthermore, do try and broadcast every possible contact method such as telephone, fax, email, full address or even in these contemporary times, Skype, Facebook and Twitter details so as to attain maximum reach for your London digital agency.

Dedicated Sales Pages

Lastly, and the one which is most delicate, is when you should try to implement separate pages for each product and/or service depending on your business. This permits you magnify the finer details of every product and/or service such as its benefits, features, product/service attributes and many more. It also allows your website design London to endorse extensive information about the products which users usually tend to prefer than just having the product/service name and model number in the case of a product. Quantifiably, inducing better information also aids with valuable SEO techniques to increase the rank of your web design London site.

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