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Everybody wants to increase traffic and social engagement on his own website and social networks.

As well as following the tips in our article “How to improve your Social Media Engagement” there is another method very attractive for users wanting to create a competition, usually called Giveaway. People love getting a discount or winning something for free: participating  in your contest they will advertise your brand involuntarily.

But how you can make an efficient giveaway?


Step one

First of all you have to determine the goal of your competition giveaway: is it for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…? What does it focus on? And not least, how much will your budget be? It’s really important choose the correct strategy depends the goal and the place of the giveaway.

Step Two

Second step concerns the prize and the duration of the competition: about the first one you need to offer something tempting but which is consistent with your brand, something that people could want and for which they can “waste” five minutes of their time … something that’s worth it!
The duration of the contest must be neither too short nor too long: in the first case, users would not have enough time to participate (and thus you’d end up having little advertising and few participants), but not too long because users will forget your competition: usually a month is a good compromise.

Now you have all that you need to create your giveaway.

Step 3

On internet you can find a lot of tools (free too) to help you manage social on the web, dont worry they are not indispensable, but they can make it easier. One of them is Rafflecopter. With the free version you can ask for a like the Facebook fanpage, follow the Twitter account and tweet a message, write a blog comment or create a personal request. It provides you a widget to publish on Facebook, or a link to share everywhere. It will record all entries (which will be displayed in a chart) and finally it will draw lots as many as winners you want.

If you don’t want to use tools like this you can create a suggestive image and share it on your social network asking to like/follow the page/account, like the image and share it with their friends (remember to tell them to put the public privacy of the post shared). At the end of the contest you will need extract the winner and check he followed the all step by yourself.

Even though, you can use both!

The last things that you can do to promote your giveaway are make a great newsletter and send it to your mailing list and try to submit it in other website and social network.

Win Win

When you will have your winner, you have to send the prize and delete the giveaway,

You have now gained new fans/followers and improved your social engagement to increase your mailing list!


Link and manage your YouTube videos on the Facebook page itself to gain better more exposure and better broadcasting facilities.


  • Embed your total YouTube channel on the Facebook page.
  • The amalgamated commenting facility makes sure you get better coverage and increases the number of user’s to your page.
  • Let your user’s see the depth of your effort by letting them view quality content along with a video and a slider capability for more than one video.
  • Having in place a tailor made header enables you to dictate the type of message you want to portray via your brand and lets you advocate the impression you want to leave on them.
  • You can opt for a title and description text.
  • The share feature can aid in spreading the word for the video content on the page.


If you really need the conversions of fans on Facebook, make use of this app to reward them with some type of exclusivity offer such as a discount coupon or even an invite to some of your upcoming event.


  • With this app, if a visitor does come by your page and decided to turn him/herself into a fan, it will reveal a second image that only the fans can view; the message to which would have enticed this viewer to become a fan in the first place.
  • And uploading two or more images to activate this app is an easy task.
  • With the well integrated back end content management system, the admin can change or edit the promotional offer on the page whenever he/she desires.
  • The app also facilitates promotional offers that are only available to your fans which generate good numbers on the fan conversion front for your page.
  • An option of a hyperlink attached to the second image gives your brand a broader horizon of reach for the fans that can then avail and redeem the offer advertised for on your Facebook page.


It is imperative to have a simple but radiating image to go along with a short message on your landing page as you get only one shot at making the initial impression.


  • This is vital from the perspective of the new visitors; a large hi resolution image for the totally tailored landing page.
  • The user centric admin tools give you the power to edit or change the image in no time.
  • The mouldable share settings permit you to take care of the content and control the spread of the same for the user’s who make use of the “share” button facility on the page.
  • And an option of adding hyperlinks to the page lets you lead your traffic back to your homepage or any other page that you settle on regardless of its presence inside or outside of Facebook.


Get the karmic cycle moving from your end and install this app if you want to endorse effective and quick fund raising for a good cause from your Facebook page.


  • Lets you upload hi resolution image to broadcast with a clear perspective, the rationale of the cause you endorse with a well integrated call to action button.
  • The user centric admin tools give you the power to edit or change the image in no time.
  • The mouldable share settings permit you to take care of the content and control the spread of the same for the user’s who make use of the “share” button facility on the page.
  • The outbound linking enables you to direct the donors to a safe and secure third party payment portal such as PayPal, ActBlue and many more.


Quantify the already positive word-of-mouth in relation to your business by endorsing your well-deserved Yelp reviews on the Facebook page.


  • Easily merge the reviews from straight onto the Facebook page.
  • Every review can be posted with an individual and overall star rating.
  • Is a great tool for almost all small and medium sized entities that have listed themselves on Yelp; restaurants and bars primarily.
  • A large space for a customised header to give you the power to dictate the look and feel of the page.
  • And easy to use admin tools allow you too modify and update the header image as and when required.


A viral specialist app, it lets you create a lasting wave of support and keep the momentum for any product, service, cause, candidate or even an occasion.


  • Incorporates a large tailored header image area which can be implemented with an image that would best fit the message of why people should share the same via your Facebook page.
  • Totally amendable share settings which lets you set any image, title and text which is displayed when the user decides to share the link with others.
  • A “fan only” option can be incorporated to generate a higher number of fan counts for your page.
  • Is best suited to images and messages that are worth sharing and would have a natural ability to be spread across the Facebook environment as a viral.
  • Make the viral process easier than it already is now with just a single click then the “copy and paste this text into your status” deal.


Support a cause and give your recruits the power to choose when, where and how they want to contribute their precious time and energy.


  • Effortlessly implement a volunteer sign up form to your Facebook page.
  • Manage the same with the resourceful and free to use contact management tools.
  • A large space for customised images permits the admin to entail a multifaceted explanation and a thank you page in the same tab.


With this app, share the vital documents such as whitepapers, articles, instructions and other text related documentation straight onto your fan page.


  • By making use of services such as one can effortlessly incorporate the documents straight to the Facebook page.
  • The same can be integrated with the document store powered by Scribd which leads you to effortless monetisation of the content via Facebook.
  • This app can also be applied as a fan conversion app by implementing an image that would be the initiator that would lead to the user converting into a fan after which, the fan can now see the document they actually want to view.
  • Can be amalgamated with whitepapers, presentations, menus or any other documents that are Scribd supported.


This app can aid in the generation of more traffic as you can now advocate the user to post a status update if they want to attain your exclusive content.


  • Helps the brand imbibe a sense of content leverage for itself in terms of their visitor attraction factor thereby creating a much needed hype for your brand and its products/services.
  • A tailored approach for shared settings enables you as an administrator to draw surplus awareness for the published content on the page.
  • Another interesting features of forced “like” gate-keeping only permits the users who have done so to view the significant content.



Manage and optimise your very own group deal to engage the fans and grow your brand.

  • Get the best deal integration services for deal notifications and post promotion messaging services and many more.
  • Viral capabilities assure you best coverage for your brand.
  • All the deals can be tailored to suit your needs and elements such as timelines, participants, price to permit flexibility
  • Easy editing tools enable custom deal design and share settings.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your website’s ecommerce platform or PayPal account. .


Time to get social

The Apps Package Interested in Facebook and its potent marketing value? Well, our creative technologists are on stand by to utilise every bit of the potential for you. All our apps can be procured for a package fee or if you feel you need only one or a few, we do still give you the choice to choose any app that suits your target audience’s taste.

Content Management

These apps are supported by our well integrated back end content management systems which gives you the power to manage your content, the headers and other features such as links for any of the apps. Needless to say all of these are effortlessly implement able without having to put down a single line of code.

Image & Content Hosting

Be it customised banners or even a set of chosen images, all of our accounts are backed up by secured content hosting and its deliverables which aid with swift page loading capabilities. Fully Supported If you feel the urge to have us by your side through your social media journey, our team is more than happy to stand by you and assist you with any of your social media queries.


Promote your page with a visually enhanced characteristic that reflects your company image, your team or even the cause being promoted at the moment which undoubtedly makes your page so much more enticing, resourceful and word-of-mouth worthy.


  • Brilliantly incorporated commenting feature permits user’s to comment on the images which lead to added awareness and dense traffic to the page.
  • Very stylish and ecstatic image slideshow.
  • Upload capability of 10 large images which are displayed via carousel style left to right slider.
  • As imperative as back linking is, the images can be employed with hyperlinks which would divert your traffic back to your home page or any other website which you desire.
  • Boast about your products, the team or develop a tailor fit slide show for a specific cause.


Got a video to broadcast? Brag about it in large-format HD straight from your fan base page.


  • Displays HD video which can be embedded from YouTube.
  • Choice of adding title and text block just below the video to inform the user about the content of the above video file.
  • In built share functionality to provide better exposure and drive larger sums of traffic for the video and your page.
  • Additional feature of “fan only” when enabled can make the video viewable by fans only which leads to fan conversions.
  • Integrated commenting on Facebook is set to post the same on the users’ wall by default when they leave a comment on your video. (An area of viral marketing technique to engage many users to your content on one platform)
  • Bespoke header options to fortify your brands’ impression and goodwill.


Every brand wants to be seen by as many people as possible. And what better ways to build up your fan following and also retain the current ones then offering a chance for your fans to enter a sweepstakes on the Facebook page.


  • The capability of running an enticing sweepstakes at your social media. platform is great with the app enabling you to do so.
  • Increase your fan base with the “must be a fan to enter” function.
  • Acquire a list of your target audience and market through integrated email.
  • Effortlessly modify the visual depiction and the feel aesthetics of the sweeps by incorporating images that you fancy.
  • Generate viral growth with customised share link feature.
  • Flawless implementation with campaign monitoring services for email marketing.


Endorse your products with visually enhanced capabilities to draw the user’s attention and link the shoppers straight to your online store.


  • Ideal for incorporating a showcase of your products on Facebook.
  • A well placed commenting area allows the user to leave a comment on any product he/she fancies.
  • Simply upload the product images and add their related descriptions with a link to your eCommerce website as this lets your Facebook fans reach your online store with just one click.
  • The comments are posted on the user’s wall as default thereby driving more traffic.
  • Bespoke header options to fortify your brands’ impression and goodwill.
  • Well incorporated sharing capabilities entice more traffic to your website.


Get this app and be assured of your tweet being broadcasted to all your friends and followers.


  • Effortlessly merge your twitter account which enables you to publish your tweet directly on to your Facebook page.
  • A tailor made header which is an option permits you to impart your branding efforts to the Facebook page.
  • The app can also be applied as a fan conversion app by adding an image that would be viewable by anyone who is not yet a fan of your page. And as soon as their curiosity leads them to become a fan, presto! The fan can now see the Twitter feed.
  • Be the one to decide which Tweets you want to display from the past and which you don’t.


Sharing your latest blog posts and news feeds with your fans can now be done instantly. And add this app to your well architected fan only setting for a broader fan base.


  • Customisation capabilities for the header lets you be in control of the brand experience on the page.
  • The text and images that are put up can be integrated with back links which lead the user back to your website.
  • Insert any RSS feed whether it’s a blog or any other news related content to the admin control panel which can then let you drag in content from any feed straight to your page.
  • Well placed sharing capabilities permits the reader to share your page thereby increasing traffic.


Boast about your business partners, friends, clients or even family with this purposeful app.


  • It’s easy to put together a gallery of all the various pages you want to share.
  • Personalised header lets you dictate the brand message and notion.
  • Every page can portray the name and the fan count.
  • Every page is clickable if the user would like to gain more information on the same. And a “fan only” feature can be opted for if you wish to increase the fan count to the page. SIGN UP Fuse together contact forms, online surveys and invitation features to incur valuable data from the fan page itself.
  • Features With just about no difficulty, implant a sign up form on your Facebook page. Personalised header lets you dictate the brand message and notion.
  • A brilliant app for registrations, newsletter subscriptions, contact information accumulation, volunteer forms and much more.
  • Flawless implementation with campaign monitoring services for email marketing. Manage all the registered users with our well architecture content management tools.


Giving your fans and friends a map would make it easy for them to find your brand and any offline events that you may have chartered out Features Once you input an address, this app will immediately add a Google map of your current location on the Facebook page.


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