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We welcome you back to another exciting edition of our weekly news. And this time, we entail news related to the triumph of the Indian team in the cricket world cup, good news for online advertisers and it’s out reach capabilities on all platforms; specifically with social networking environments.

A great victory for India and a well deserved one; what with 23 years gone by chasing the dream, India finally grabbed the cricket world cup! Kudos! The team had its sight set on the same with a burning fire in their hearts, as it was the last world cup for the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. Due to this, the team had dedicated itself for the win and wanted to be the ones to enjoy the spoils. A heart felt congratulations to the team and the country from all of us at the London digital agency as we had one hell of an entertaining day cheering the boys in blue!

Good news for the online advertising fraternity as reports suggest that it has now smashed through the £4 billion barrier meaning that it now accounts for over a quarter of the advertising expenses splurged in the UK. A staggering 12.8% increase has been analysed for online advertising in the year 2010; a growth rate of phenomenal increase from 2009, three times more to be precise.

Conversely, a massive growth opportunity for online advertising arose from social network platforms which saw an unparalleled increase of almost 200%. Social networking giant Facebook offer a Pay Per Click option which is centred around the unique information contextual to their users and also endorse Facebook ‘Deals’ and sponsored page posts; all of which have established themselves as a fruitful way of promoting big brands. Nonetheless, these methods have now initiated SME’s to take hold of these prospects as well.

However, Facebook has not been the only one to implement the usage of these advertising channels. Twitter offers sponsored tweets, promoted trends and promoted accounts; and these techniques can be attributed to gaining enhanced broadcasting capabilities on the ever expanding micro-blogging website. Others social advertising mediums include YouTube, which is quite popular for its spectrum of viral campaigns and has in current times, acted as an advertising hub to endorse videos, banners, mobile apps and the likes of such. Furthermore, video advertising also saw an increase of two fold in 2010.

Alternatively, traditional advertising methods such as print, radio and outdoor are recuperating from their ill scenario during this economic downturn whilst TV expenditures also seem to be rising as against last year.

But in all honesty, it seems a little bleak that the traditional channels would be able to exuberate the kind of returns that online advertising portrays ever again with stats suggesting that the online spend proportion would continue growth all through 2011.

Thats all for this week. Tune in again next week for more of our on goings and other news on technological advancements.

Welcome back to the fifth edition of our weekly news where our website design London agency cover the latest on goings of the Microsoft Google contention, Google’s ‘like’ feature, the new addition to our team and much more.

To start of with, our London digital agency would like all our fans to be notified of our spanking new Facebook page integrated with many more features to keep in touch with us. The ‘Like’ button is well assimilated with our website and would make it rather effortless for us to keep in touch with you and the other way around. So please do ‘Like’ us so that we could keep you up to date.

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google has ignited again as Microsoft has recently announced that they are intending to initiate a complaint against Google and put forth the same to the European Commission. Reason being, Microsoft strongly feel that Google are taking undue advantage of their prominent position as the leaders of the search engine sector and trying to throw the smaller players off the grid. The mainframe of Microsoft’s complaint is that Google are imposing limitations on the Bing search just to index web content.

On the flipside though, Google have just added a new social based feature to their search engine results and is called ‘+1’. It has the same characteristics as the one found on the Facebook page wherein, users can attest their personal approval on any content they reckon to be worthy to stay on the web. Web analysts suggest that this could be the biggest step taken by Google yet to entice the social media market and it is yet to be seen if this new feature would affect the search engine rankings of many a web design London websites.

But as busy as times at the Google HQ are, they did nonetheless find some time to pull a global prank on April fools day. They broadcasted a new feature known as ‘Gmail Motion’ which presumably, permitted users to interact with your Gmail account through body motions. It claimed that worked by just the use of your computer camera and a special tracking algorithm. A great effort from Google but in all modesty, it couldn’t entice our creative technologists at our website design London agency to try the fictitious feature.

Online shopping services giant Amazon has unveiled information of the launch of their version of the Cloud Drive and Cloud Player service. The Cloud Drive would impart a remarkable 5 GB of storage space on their servers thereby permitting the user to access their personalised media from any computer. At the moment, the service is usable only via the web and android devices but does lay exception to the iOS player.

Finally, we are happy to share the news of another creative technologist joining our family of specialists. Yes, he hails from Turkey and is here working with us on a permanent basis. A web designer by vocation, his work dictates who he is as he brings his personal attributes and traits to the table; we are more than delighted to gain another brain for all the required inputs.

This is how it stood in the week gone by; do tune in again in the coming week. Thanks for reading.

Welcome back to our fourth edition. This week we have lots to cover and little space to do so. Thus, we’ll keep it simple. On the platter this week; a photo shoot with an elite fashion designer who also happens to be our client, our new ventures and gizmo news for the tech hearted.

We begin by throwing some light on the photo shoot that our head of business development and our MD, David Suter, directed to some extent. This took place for a fashion designer who creates high end fashion clothing for the financially strong for whom, we created the web site.

Although we wish to keep this a secret, we could not bear the itch to not give you a teaser. You would soon be acknowledged with a website that is being unveiled in the coming week for a big celebrity and to give you a hint, he/she is also a known TV nutritionist. The website is one that radiates all the grace of their personality and complements his/her styling persona. Keep guessing and we would surely let you know about the full picture in the coming week.

We have also accomplished a long stance project that our creative technologists have put in many hours for. It’s a property website and one that defies the ways of real estate. With colours that radiate vibrancy and great aesthetics that complement the same, the client now parts ways with a blissful smile on their faces.

The fruitful launch of the T4 online shop which is a subsidiary of channel 4 has also been achieved. Although T4 is a quite an established name, it nonetheless required an eCommerce platform to endorse and sell their merchandise able enough to handle their traffic. This is where we stepped. Need we say more?  Click here for a better insight.

Coming to the latest that is happening in the world of technology, let us first congratulate Apple on its launch of the much anticipated iPad 2 in the UK which would be available to the public for procurement after 5pm today. At £399 for the basic model - 16GB and wifi-only - it’s hard to resist, though those with a bit more to spend should consider the 32GB model with wifi and 3G (£579). But we would know of the reaction from the audiences all over the UK, post the designated time of sale. We wait as one of our creative technologists would bring one home to our agency.

Tweet giant Twitter has recently been accused of spurning developers so as to incur larger sums of profit. Twitter had reported that they did not want developers to clone their interface as heard from a Twitter post tweeted by their coding chief Ryan Sarver who made it clear that the companies out there should discontinue the development of such software’s.

And for all the Google followers out there, the Google Chrome browser has a new logo which in some sense has given the platform a facelift. It’s the same aesthetics but complemented with a simpler look and feel to it. It’s formulated to keep with the evolving times due to most of the areas of design and animation going three dimensional and able to accomodate this logo better.

Unfortunately, this is where we end this weeks news update folks, but do not be disappointed as we assure you, next week would have much, much more! Thanks for tuning in.

Another exciting week at our website design agency which entails news related to the new venture launch, career talks, fun events, Mozilla and the launch of the much anticipated iPad 2.

Let us kick off the conversation by saying that we at our London digital agency have been invited by the Westminster Council to throw some light on careers related to the new digital age, not only limited to digital marketing but rather a hoard of other options which are available to techies. This would be headed by our M.D and Head of Business Development to impart some of the values and knowledge that they have accumulated through their years of experience in the web design London industry.

Another benchmark achieved and this time it was the creation and development of a social network site which was developed by us from scratch. The venture is initiated by a company named Parentz Network which aims to target parents who need to interact with each other about their children in a safe and sound environment. There was purposeful use of colours to blend in with the true identity of the company and the concept itself. All of us creative technologists are very proud of this latest launch and bestow and ovation to the people who tirelessly worked on the same.

The talk is a one-off only catering to the pupils of a specific school in some sense, to build on their untapped digital media skills; an interesting day coming up on the 10th and our team of creative technologists look forward to the same in high spirits.

Mac Expo also attended the Social PR 2011 event in London last week. The conference consisted of presentations, panel discussions and QA sessions in relation to the amalgamation of Social PR and Marketing and its collaterals, Brand Management and how one can develop identify influencers and create brand promoters.

The much awaited launch of the iPad 2 finally took place last week. The event for the same was hosted by none other than the front man of Apple himself, Steve Jobs. Although there was a lot of speculation about his health in the last few months, it seems that he has nonetheless put all of it behind him and paced forward. Contextual to the technology, the newer tablet brags of a quicker processor, enhanced graphics, cameras at the front and back and slimmer specifications.

Mozilla has developed and launched an HTML 5 demo site which endorses the latest features supported by Firefox 4. There would be a new addition to the demos section every week up till the week when Firefox 4 is unveiled.

So that’s all we have for all you people here this week. Do tune in again in 7 days to gain some more insight on our teams happenings and the latest in the tech environment. Wishing you a busy but fun filled week.

Mobile phone manufacturer HTC has confirmed the launch of two new phones which would have a dedicated Facebook button incorporated in the phone. The much spoken of ChaCha and Salsa would impart the ability of instant access to the social networking platform at a touch of a button.

The production of these phones however cannot be proclaimed as official ‘Facebook phones’ but reports suggested that HTC and Facebook had worked closely together to bring this product to life. On the characteristic front, Salsa is a touchscreen phone while ChaCha will platform a keyboard.

Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, said that “we wanted to create the ultimate socially connected phones with mass market appeal”, while Henri Moissinac, Facebook’s Head of Mobile Business, said “We have worked closely with HTC for several years on bringing Facebook to their devices and HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa are the next stage.”

Both the phones have been produced with the Android OS and would run on their latest Gingerbread version. This version is the most contemporary of its kind and would put forth a degree of Facebook implementation that has yet only been available on INQ’s new Facebook models announced last week.

One could say that the Facebook button has been ingeniously designed as it would offer a gamut of functions depending on the user’s preferences. In essence, it will permit the sharing of photographs in an instant or even music directly from the handset. Another great outcome is the way the phone can display the status update and information if the phone can identify the caller as the handset users’ Facebook friend.

The ideation behind the production of such phones says HTC is the appealing factor towards a targeted set of users in the new generation who are making use of the site more that their e-mail and manage their social calendars via the digital broadcaster Facebook’s ‘upcoming event’ list.

Another product that would soon roll out of the HTC factory some time in the future is the 7” tablet, the Flyer that would follow the Apple style ‘unibody’ aluminium case guidelines whilst having a pen which for example, can incorporate recording sound while you take notes by hand which makes going to lectures and synchronising notes very simple.

These phones are forecasted to hit the UK market in the second quarter of 2011. The Flyer would be sold at the beginning with the Gingerbread OS but would nonetheless be upgraded to Google’s tablet OS Honeycomb once it is released.

Mac Expo Apple has recently unveiled its desktop app outlet aptly named Mac App Store which provides customers with more than a 1000 free and paid for apps. Apps that are available to the consumers are provided for by brands such as and software company Autodesk.

In terms of the outlet, it lets Apple Mac users download the available apps straight to their computers and conveniently pay for the same through their iTunes account, a method similar to the App store for iPhone users.

The Mac App Store however is offered to users of Mac that operate Snow Leopard and can be attained through a basic software update. And to add to the generosity, Apple has also introduced new apps along with the current favourites, available from top app creators like Autodesk, and Boinx to name a few.

Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO was quoted saying, “We’ve seen tremendous success on the Mac, iPhone and iPad with multiple apps. We’re excited to offer SketchBook Pro on the Mac App Store so artists can easily create everything from quick sketches to high-quality artwork on their Macs.”

The apps are categorised and diversified according to their role such as education, games, graphic design, lifestyle, productivity and utilities.

And the Mac Expo have also provided Apple’s iLife’11 suite which include the apps from the likes of iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand, available to consumers at a rate of $14.99 (£ 7.50) each from the outlet itself.

Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, said, “With more than 1,000 apps, the Mac App Store is off to a great start. We think users will love this innovative way to discover and buy their favourite apps.”

And in recent news, Steve Jobs was entitled to “Person of the Year 2010” by Financial Times following the success of the widely acclaimed iPad.

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