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Wham, Kapaau, Thud! These are just some of the sounds you can hear in videos that are available to watch on the new Bamma web portal. Yes, the atmosphere is intense and to some degree, brutal. And the site reflects exactly that.

Displaying a mix of bright orange and white, the site dictates brilliant flair with regards to design and its utmost simplicity in terms of navigation. Moreover, the site also has a rich depth of information contextual to the sport laying down a spectrum of options for the end user to browse through. Essentially, all the information a fan could desire from the sport.

Interactivity is also a choice that one can make in real time. This means that you could instantly ‘like’ the Bamma page on the site via the Facebook section and receive instant updates as and when available or for the more Tweet oriented, you’re now empowered to throw in your two cents of information which may hold a lot of value to other Bamma followers.

To further your plethora of options in terms of engagement, you can give your opinion by way of polls, buy tickets to the next event whilst also being able to make arrangements for accommodation. All in all, a true mixed martial art fanatics paradise.

So don’t try and search for results of every match on Google and don’t try and look for videos on YouTube and certainly don’t try and book tickets from dodgy places; give yourself a break and head to

So Big Brother’s now gone Biggest Brother in terms of endorsing activities. And its popularity this year has truly been amplified so it can aptly be called Biggest Brother. Nonetheless, we all know what Big Brother entails and how the show works. What you didn’t know is the information hereafter.

Our digital agency has been at the forefront of keeping peoples admirations of being attached to Big Brother alive. Mac Expo have been the care takers of the online merchandising division of Big Brother by being awarded with the maintenance of the website, and have been doing so for the last decade! Yes, we have been attached to the show since its birth back in the year 2000 when the programme used to air on Channel 4, remember?

The online store sells everything from the usual merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and hoodies to the more unique stuff like cotton bags.  The products entail good quality and are well designed keeping in mind the fresh look of the show itself. The eye logo of Big Brother is engraved on all the products so you know you’re in for a genuine treat.

It’s now been more than a decade since the show started and it’s fair to say that its fame has always been rising. With the show yet in its prime, it is now available for viewing on Channel 5. And as times change, so does the show. It now boasts of a great new look that one can see on the show. And thanks to us, the same is an integral element of the merchandising shop too! Click here to view the online store.

To sum up then, we are very proud to be continuing this long standing tradition and being an imperative part of the show makes us feel just that bit special! It is our privilege to be a part of this momentous show and we would continue to do so for as long as it has a slot on TV every year.

Welcome back to our fourth edition. This week we have lots to cover and little space to do so. Thus, we’ll keep it simple. On the platter this week; a photo shoot with an elite fashion designer who also happens to be our client, our new ventures and gizmo news for the tech hearted.

We begin by throwing some light on the photo shoot that our head of business development and our MD, David Suter, directed to some extent. This took place for a fashion designer who creates high end fashion clothing for the financially strong for whom, we created the web site.

Although we wish to keep this a secret, we could not bear the itch to not give you a teaser. You would soon be acknowledged with a website that is being unveiled in the coming week for a big celebrity and to give you a hint, he/she is also a known TV nutritionist. The website is one that radiates all the grace of their personality and complements his/her styling persona. Keep guessing and we would surely let you know about the full picture in the coming week.

We have also accomplished a long stance project that our creative technologists have put in many hours for. It’s a property website and one that defies the ways of real estate. With colours that radiate vibrancy and great aesthetics that complement the same, the client now parts ways with a blissful smile on their faces.

The fruitful launch of the T4 online shop which is a subsidiary of channel 4 has also been achieved. Although T4 is a quite an established name, it nonetheless required an eCommerce platform to endorse and sell their merchandise able enough to handle their traffic. This is where we stepped. Need we say more?  Click here for a better insight.

Coming to the latest that is happening in the world of technology, let us first congratulate Apple on its launch of the much anticipated iPad 2 in the UK which would be available to the public for procurement after 5pm today. At £399 for the basic model - 16GB and wifi-only - it’s hard to resist, though those with a bit more to spend should consider the 32GB model with wifi and 3G (£579). But we would know of the reaction from the audiences all over the UK, post the designated time of sale. We wait as one of our creative technologists would bring one home to our agency.

Tweet giant Twitter has recently been accused of spurning developers so as to incur larger sums of profit. Twitter had reported that they did not want developers to clone their interface as heard from a Twitter post tweeted by their coding chief Ryan Sarver who made it clear that the companies out there should discontinue the development of such software’s.

And for all the Google followers out there, the Google Chrome browser has a new logo which in some sense has given the platform a facelift. It’s the same aesthetics but complemented with a simpler look and feel to it. It’s formulated to keep with the evolving times due to most of the areas of design and animation going three dimensional and able to accomodate this logo better.

Unfortunately, this is where we end this weeks news update folks, but do not be disappointed as we assure you, next week would have much, much more! Thanks for tuning in.

Another exciting week at our website design agency which entails news related to the new venture launch, career talks, fun events, Mozilla and the launch of the much anticipated iPad 2.

Let us kick off the conversation by saying that we at our London digital agency have been invited by the Westminster Council to throw some light on careers related to the new digital age, not only limited to digital marketing but rather a hoard of other options which are available to techies. This would be headed by our M.D and Head of Business Development to impart some of the values and knowledge that they have accumulated through their years of experience in the web design London industry.

Another benchmark achieved and this time it was the creation and development of a social network site which was developed by us from scratch. The venture is initiated by a company named Parentz Network which aims to target parents who need to interact with each other about their children in a safe and sound environment. There was purposeful use of colours to blend in with the true identity of the company and the concept itself. All of us creative technologists are very proud of this latest launch and bestow and ovation to the people who tirelessly worked on the same.

The talk is a one-off only catering to the pupils of a specific school in some sense, to build on their untapped digital media skills; an interesting day coming up on the 10th and our team of creative technologists look forward to the same in high spirits.

Mac Expo also attended the Social PR 2011 event in London last week. The conference consisted of presentations, panel discussions and QA sessions in relation to the amalgamation of Social PR and Marketing and its collaterals, Brand Management and how one can develop identify influencers and create brand promoters.

The much awaited launch of the iPad 2 finally took place last week. The event for the same was hosted by none other than the front man of Apple himself, Steve Jobs. Although there was a lot of speculation about his health in the last few months, it seems that he has nonetheless put all of it behind him and paced forward. Contextual to the technology, the newer tablet brags of a quicker processor, enhanced graphics, cameras at the front and back and slimmer specifications.

Mozilla has developed and launched an HTML 5 demo site which endorses the latest features supported by Firefox 4. There would be a new addition to the demos section every week up till the week when Firefox 4 is unveiled.

So that’s all we have for all you people here this week. Do tune in again in 7 days to gain some more insight on our teams happenings and the latest in the tech environment. Wishing you a busy but fun filled week.


Here at Mac Expo London, we are always on the lookout to attain accounts which would differ from the projects we have completed in the past. And when our digital agency was gifted with an opportunity to create from scratch; an e-commerce fashion based website, we had no hesitations.

The venture, called London Agent International has been in business for close to two weeks now and we assure you that this fashion based service is like no other. Yes, at out digital design agency, we made sure of the website’s bespoke-ness to ensure its innovative characteristic.

What the website is in essence, a platform whereby any visitor to the page can go ahead and create their own styles and patterns for their custom made, high end fashion wear. This creative concept not only lets you take charge of your style and colour but also lets you peer into the smaller details as the kind of buttons you fancy and the likes of such.

The creator of this innovative concept hails from Italy and has deep interests in high end fashion clothing. She holds a marketing degree and combining these two aspects together, she lay out the road work for this website. And her Italian roots do give her an edge over her competition when it comes to fashion.

This undoubtedly though, is an e-commerce website, primarily on the Web to provide services for monetary transactions. On the website, you can register and immediately start customising your favourite outfits. And to the curious readers out there, you must wonder how they manage a business of this magnitude. Well, they have an assigned task force who take charge and make their way through the busy shopping streets amongst the best fashion destinations of the world.

Our web agency has therefore been able to provide a well integrated, bespoke e-commerce platform for our client, although the work involved required a touch of dexterity; our experienced team of web developers and web designers hit the target under the given timelines and emerged triumphant.

Other than the creation of this site, Mac Expo also provided tailor made solutions for the website by creating a registration option on the website, making provisions of subscribing to news letters and also making provisions for joining the online club.

Do look at our portfolio to know more about our past projects and how we could help your business reach its maximum potential. Also, click here to take a look at the website for London Agent International.

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