Capricorn Group

When our web design agency was approached with the idea of revamping the website for this client, they themselves did not have a clue as to which direction they should take with regards to giving their website a face lift. They were at this stage, totally reliable on our creative technologists and their pioneering methods.

All the client did know and wanted truely was their brands recognition factor that would not be lost during this tenure. Thus, adhering to their brand essence amalgamated with the need for a make over that would change the outlook of the website was one tricky task.

However though, it did not take a long time for our creative technologists to put forth a brilliant conceptual design that would keep with all the norms while giving the website an all new look. The outcome was simply ecstatic as the clients’ did mention that their customer’s still had a sense of recongnition with the new look which also invariably enticed furthermore, a set of new potential clients which was the aim of the task.

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