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Northfields International Communications and Brand Strategy

Northfields are one of the UK’s largest linen rental companies, offering a range of products for private and corporate functions, from tablecloths to napkins. They wanted to further extend their business and we advised that the best way to open up new opportunities would be through a distinctive method of communication. Using state-of-the-art animation and database technology, we produced a tailor-made CD-ROM presentation disc for them to distribute to potential and existing customers.The Northfield products were brought to life as our CD-ROM took the user on a journey around a 3D function room, highlighting all the different services on offer.


Northfields is in need of a revamped presence giving the user access to a variety of Cloth services.

  • Northfields needs to offer clients their services instantaneously
    via the Web utilizing a bespoke reputation creating a one-stop
    shop ordering through the site.
  • Collaborating sophisticated technology with modern imagery to entice
    potential clientele with a multimedia package in the shape of a business

The Opportunity

Northfields has the opportunity to put a cutting edge multi-functional
campaign in front of prospective clients. The goals of this multimedia-marketing
package are:

  • Gain market share
  • Attract more customers to web site
  • State of the art professionalism
  • Reduce cost of marketing
  • Online ordering
  • Improve image of the company
  • A User-Friendly environment

The Solution

Mac Expo specialises in Web marketing and digital
re-vamp solutions, producing Branding campaigns for all.

  • Create a full and easy to manage database driven flash web site.
    Giving the flexibility to add and delete products (news items, special
    offers, products and prices) as and when needed.
  • This web site will include sophisticated technology and a Clean
    Design, Custom Background and Stunning Graphics (eye candy).
  • The site will also include an online ordering service for clients.
  • A multi-media package in the shape of a business card, which will
    include the site, a 45 second animation intro, 4 video clips and 4
    Voice Commentaries.

Product Description

Below is a brief description of what a user would experience when entering
the site. Please note that this section is not a definite representation
of the site. Sections maybe added, removed or moved.

Home / Splash Page

This is where the client actually enters the site. This page will have
the main site Design, Logo, Company Slogan and Links to central pages.
It is essential that this sector attracts the user, as this is the front
cover of the site i.e. shop front. There will also be a brief description
of what is on offer. If there are any specials or a service that needs
to be promoted this is the page to do it.

Service page

This page is where all services provided are offered to the client,
for example, fabrics, cloth, accessories and more. There will also be
a link to a special offers page and an order product page. This page
will give the product range of the company.

Special Offers

This link will provide current special offers, special packages and
discount prices for existing services.

Product Page

After viewing a fabric and its description the user will also have the
option to select the product in its surroundings. A virtual representation
is produced allowing the user a zoom, rotate, add accessories and even
scatter table facility. Viewing in both birds eye and camera positioning.

Order page

Here the monetary transaction between the client and Northfields is
processed. The user will enter their details and order the service they
require online with a Debit / Credit Card integrated service.

Confirmation Page

The page will only be created if the client has ordered a service and
has been authorised containing the product information, your reference
number and a confirmation number for the client. Please note that this
page will be sent to the client and Northfields by E-mail instantaneously.

History / Information Page

This section will display the user with general information about the
company and its history. The client will be able to download video and
commentaries about Northfields and find answered questions in the faq

Contact Page

Fundamentally the client can contact the company directly through the
site with an E-mail facility using a preset form. A map is also available
to pin point Northfields location for directions etc. This adds confidence,
as many clients are reluctant to order online unless they are sure the
company exists.

Help Page

Any user that finds it difficult in obtaining the correct information,
this page will offer a step-by-step representation of how to navigate
the site. A search facility and FAQ (frequently asked questions) will
maximise potential usage.

Multi-media Business Card Package

This will contain an intro using state-of-the-art Visual effects to
dazzle and entice the client. Displaying all information (above) and
bonus features including voice commentaries, short video footage within
a neat graphical user interface authored in Flash MX.


You will realise the following benefits provided by this project.

  • Gaining market share
  • Revamp online image and reputation
  • Give the user the information and product they need fast and effectively.
  • One-stop shop ordering
  • Wider clientele
  • More frequent transactions
  • Reduce printing, bulky mailers and postage costs
  • Increase visibility
  • Increase your response rates
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Combine existing marketing material
  • Improve customer service
  • Track your marketing effectively


The long-term benefits of having a web presence are:

  • As the Web evolves your business will be part of a rapidly
    increasing cyberspace community and thus gain the benefits of positive
    changes and increased accessibility.
  • The European Union is constantly growing; international accessibility
    will give a considerably large market to aspire to.


The products and services provided by Mac Expo to be used
in this project include many useful and innovative features. Following
is a brief synopsis, which you will be able to benefit from.

Branding – Mac Expo will create
a custom graphic background to match the current look and feel. This
will include a 30 second intro and streaming video and commentary. Look
good when targeting your customer and users will talk about Northfields.
No better advertising then word of mouth.

Content Management System - Sophisticated technology
is used when creating a password protected administration panel giving
you full access to your web site. Change, news items, images, special
offers, products and prices on your site instantaneously.

User Controllable – Our multi-media packages
are designed for ease of use. Visual feedback on buttons, click-able
text and navigation schemes are consistent throughout the site and cd-rom.

Installation of technology - Provide good and easy
to use technology and customers will return to process more orders.

Contact Follow up - Keep track of orders and send
out automated thank you for your order letters re-assuring a better
customer and client relationship. Not just the invoice!

Security and access – An interface construct
for access to the site. Northfields will also have the ability to allot
three personal with a username and passwords for updating i.e. news
items, special offers and prices when needed.

Multi Media Package – Providing a cd-rom business
card package, which will include an introduction with video clips, the
site and two commentaries in English.


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