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Medi Connect Recruitment - Content Management System and Marketing Strategy

The Objective

Medi Connect Recruitment (MCR) were need of a marketing solution to
help promote and introduce a new online presence.

  • Medi Connect Recruitment requested a cutting edge marketing solution.
  • Medi Connect Recruitment wanted to offer potential clients an
    online catalogue of job listings.
The Opportunity

Medi Connect Recruitment has the opportunity to put a
cutting edge multi-functional website in front of prospective clients.
The goals of multimedia-marketing:

  • Advertise jobs available
  • Attract customers to web site.
  • Reduce cost of marketing.
  • Incorporate more product information and virtual imagery then
    previously possible using employees/clients to upload information.

The Solution

Mac Expo was chosen for there specialist service in Web
marketing and re-vamp solutions, creating a full and easy to manage
MySql/PHP database driven web site. Giving MCR the flexibility to add
and delete products, news items and special offers as and when needed.

The web site includes sophisticated technology and a
clean design with custom i-candy and graphic design.


MCR realised the following benefits provided by this project

  • The user now can view information they need fast and effectively.
  • Worldwide clientele
  • More frequent customer requests
  • Reduce printing, postage and bulky mailers costs
  • Increased visibility
  • Increased your response rates
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Combined existing marketing material.
  • Improved customer service

Increasing the leverage of the existing marketing campaigns
gave us the incentive to track where money was spent. It was made apparent
that print was now becoming redundant, brochures are frequently tossed
in the trash, branded sites are more likely to be kept and emailed around.


The products and services provided by Mac Expo
used in this project included many useful and innovative features.

Content Management System - Sophisticated
technology was used when creating a password protected administration
panel giving full access to the web site administration section. MCR
can now change jobs, pricing articles, special offers and client’s
details on the site instantaneously.

Branding - Mac Expo created
a custom graphic background of there choice to match the current look
and feel. Look good when you target your customers and users will talk
about your site. No better advertising then word of mouth.

User Controllable - Our sites are designed
for ease of use. Visual feedback on buttons, click-able text and navigation
schemes are consistent throughout the site.

Installation of technology - Provide
good and easy to use technology and customers will return.

Contact Follow up - Keep track of clients
and send out automated thank you for your interest letters instantaneously
re-assuring a better customer and client relationship. Not just the


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