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All too often the task of planning and buying media space overstretches personnel to the point where for the sake of a broad reach companies settle for a great deal of wastage. Not only can Mac Expo plan strategies and purchase media, we can use specialised software to streamline the process to your markets.

The solution: A new concept in selling media directly to SME’s via web sales and auctions. Mac Expo has set-up a product called Buy Now Media, giving Large Corporates / Blue Chip’s and even SME’s access to a wide selection of advertising opportunities at competitive prices whilst opening new markets for Media Owners. Go to

We will research the best medium for your message and present you with a full rundown of available recommended options and from there our systems can manage your budgets, log activities and analyse responses to ensure you get the very most from your marketing.Whether you’re intending to sell products and services, to promote a particular project or simply to bolster your overall presence, at Mac Expo we are confident that we have the benchmark solutions you’re looking for. Simply call us up or contact us using the form below to arrange a free consultation.




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For more information on how Mac Expo can help with your project, or talk about another web design company; find out more on Media Buying and Planning solutions by contacting us on email or pick up the phone and dial 0845 121 211.

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