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Hi On Love - Interactive Technology and Brand Recognition

Hi On Love desired a site that would reflect their unobtrusive
and informal approach to online dating. A feeling of security is essential
to their user experience as they are providing a personal service. We
researched other related sites and how best to communicate to the ever-growing
online dating community.

The site also required an integrated content management system so that
the Hi On Love staff could easily and independently update their database
of potential ‘love birds’. requested Mac Expo to set up a dating site
enabling you (the user) to see friends of friends are, and also write
an opinion about them so that people could get another opinion about
you and your friends. The database and front end needed to have a facility
where a network is created using the small world theory, also known
as Six degrees of Separation.

  • Site Design including Flash intro
  • Online Chat-Room in Real-Time
  • Extensive User Database Search Engine
  • Members log-in
  • Internal Emailing and Monitoring System
  • Profile/Registration Form
  • Listings pages
  • 6 degrees Separation Architecture
  • Hot Listing
  • Blog
  • Content management system
  • Credit card integration

The simple and attractive finished website features a clear, crisp interface
that conceals a rich system of data distribution and management and
yet another satisfied client. required the latest sophisticated
technology with secure and stable backend technology to also include
a secure payment system to be built. The tailored made software enables
not only chatting online in real time using instant messaging but also
the use of a webcam and audio facilities to chat to friends and potential

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