Brand Research

Brand research gives firms a measurable competitive advantage. It enables firms to establish a positive interaction and value-relationship with customer. Brand research can be done at the time of incorporating a new brand or energizing an existing one. Brand research basically aims at measuring the feelings of the customers on company’s products and services in the market. It discovers the strengths and weakness of the brand. It compares your brand against 2-3 competitors in the same field. It reveals which marketing or advertising media add strength to your campaign.

Brand research implemented through professional digital agency brings out current brand image perceptions of the brand and builds up brand promise. It finds out the position of your specific industry and identifies the key elements required to satisfy your customer. Brand research provides foundation to develop the best model for customizing the brand positioning and brand promise. It accurately measures the present problems in the particular industry or brand and helps change and adjust products, place messages and communications with accuracy on customers’ particular needs and wants.

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Survey can be conducted through phone interviews, web surveys and direct mail response with clients, prospects and key employees. The survey will reveal areas of company operations that can do better to nourish the brand. It may focus on the areas where the improvements are needed. The external research includes surveys with clients, prospects, vendors and key industry personnel. The analysis will show how targeted audiences see the company, its products or services and where the company stands among its competitions.

The results are tabulated and a detailed report is generated. This report is highly informative and reveals all the important information relating to the brand development. This report also shows exactly where the company has to improve. Once positive connection and value-relationship with customer is established it can be measured, monitored and enhanced periodically.

Brand research will deliver a new and better positioning, brand promise and value proposition. Branding efforts of the company will be directed in the proper marketing and advertising media, which saves unnecessary cost incurred. It also helps the company set up brand voice and brand equity. Ultimately it helps in capturing market share.

A digital interactive agency can offer you tailor-made brand research solutions that deliver clear and measurable competitive advantage to your firm by maximising value-relationship between the profitability and the perception of your brand.

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