Best plugins for Magento 2012

Below is a list of Plugins and Ad-on that we believe would cater for all your magical Magento needs. Many of the items in any spec come “out of the box”, these ones are some paid for and some free.
In addition with Magento releasing new updates constantly we may find that some of the below additions may already be part of the next release.

E-marketing through CMS?

We would advice using a third party script for e-marketing as it can be tied in directly with Magento and offer far more statistics, date tools and other template features that no other plug-in has yet to compete.


Ebay/Amazon Integration

This plugin allows you to seamlessly integrate with Ebay, so when you upload a product within the administration panel staff can choose if to list within ebay or not.






Syncing with the Sage accounting package, allows the books to be kept neat and tidy with all orders being automated keeping environmentally aware without the additional hassle of having to print out any paper invoices for book keeping.



Mobile Version


For customers who want to be in full control of there mobile platform and to save on the mobile license fee that Magento require you to pay in order to use the “out of the box” mobile plugin, Number 1 on our list has to be the Iphone Theme from Ahead Works. The plugin looks like only an Iphone solution but actually works on all major mobile devices allowing the user experience to be dramatically improved and multi platform friendly (Detects iPhone\iPad\Android automatically).


Bulk Buyer


Bulk Buy does pretty what it says on the tin. It allows users to price adjust the order based on the quantity of items they choose allowing the easy upsell of items on a bulk scale.



Bulk import / Export


Sometimes its easier to work offline and as Magento is an online application this is not always possible. Thanks to this neat little plugin we can compile our stock offline and then upload the CSV file to populate our database. This is extremely useful when taking a stock count or needing to analyse the date within a third party analytics package.



Order Management


Magento itself is extremely good in terms of its order management system and consists of many features that you would expect only from a dedicated fulfilment software. Their are two things in which we believe are missing from the super software. One, is not being able to bulk process an order. For example, if a customers has to deliver 150 orders by 3pm, having to download them on by one is not an option. This neat plugin gives you the ability to select the orders you want to full fill and bulk sync the process. Number two, would have to be the delete order plugin. Most accountants hate this but sometimes one makes the odd mistake and an order needs to be deleted from the system.


AJAX Add to Cart


At Mac Expo its all about increasing sales and making sure your website converts betters. This is more of a user experience feature that we believe should be implemented to help with the conversion rates. It allows the use of AJAX (guided animation) to take the customer on the proffered user journey.




Online Chat Services


Following from the last UX (user experience) plugin, this again prompts users with an online staff member that can help with any enquiries or instant ordering. The online chat can be switched ‘on’ or ‘off’. When ‘off’ a message can be left and is stored within the backend administration area.



Product Review


Lastly on our list of fantastic Magento plugins dedicated to creating the highest conversion rate is the famous “HMV” style reviewing system. This gives a user the confidence needed when making the purchase by reading what other companies / buyers have said about that particular product.




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