Bespoke Website Design


Bespoke Website Design Add-Ons. Effectively designing your website is a good way to jump-start your business. But there’s scope for much more after you have designed your website. There’s much that can be done with a simply designed website, and website design add-ons add credibility and uniqueness to your website. Your website is your single most important source of providing information about you, your company, your product(s) and services to the world. With new and smarter ways being introduced everyday over the Web, a personal or business website has become more important than ever before. You may be interested to know that according to recent statistics, almost 65%-70% of Web users worldwide do not shop if the ecommerce website design is poor or bad. So, no matter how big or small your business, a well-designed website is your ticket to making money fast.

Think of your website as a great marketing and promotional tool, that helps cut down costs of advertising and increases your brand visibility. But is having a good website design enough or can you do more to gain maximum benefit? The answer lies in the question. A good website design is a gateway to endless possibilities and website add-ons add that ‘extra’ bit to any website.Website add-ons are web applications, which offer a plethora of interactive features. Easy to customize, these features can be integrated into your website for a unique look and feel. Moreover, you don’t need to change your existing web hosting company nor do you need any software to install them. The add-ons can simply be embedded in the program and activated as required.

Furthermore, most website add-ons give you the freedom to charge your website members or users to pay in order to utilize the services. Therefore, not only do business website add-ons recover their costs, but they also help you earn revenue through them. Listed below are some of the more popular website add-ons:

  1. Flash animations
  2. Interactive games
  3. Images
  4. Slide shows of Photographs
  5. Message boards and forums, which allows users to ask questions, post messages and get replied
  6. Chat rooms or Live Chat options where you or your sales team can interact with visitors directly for personal feedback or information exchange
  7. Search facility on your website to help visitors get relevant information quickly and easily without having to spend time looking all over the website
  8. You can have a guestbook as an add-on that will allow visitors to sign in and leave comments
  9. A very effective website add-on is a free newsletter that can be sent out at regular intervals (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and so on)
  10. Classified ads
  11. Link Page that directs guests to other similar websites
  12. A calendar that allows members of your website to plan their holidays, meetings, and other important events
  13. Survey forms and daily polls that can help you get useful feedbacks from your site users and help you improve your services and
  14. Shopping Carts that are specific ecommerce website design add-ons and allow users to purchase products and/or services on your site
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