Backlink follow vs. no follow

At the time of creating links from your website design London to other sites, you are presented with a inevitable decision. Should you add a ‘rel=”nofollow” attribute to the HTML anchor tag used when link building to the third party web design London site or should it be left for people to follow your London digital agency.

From the search engines perspective, a do-follow link from your website design London is a positive sign for the site being linked to. However, if that site is not of good intent, this could end up hurting your sites credit worth in the eyes of the search engine.

Conversely, if you have linked your web design London site to other reputed sites that pertain to the market that you cater to can surely aid with maximising your rank potential. But on the other hand, if you do apply a no-follow tag for reputed sites i.e. sites that have content relevant to yours and are of good intent, you are just degrading your reputation from the search engines perspective as they would presume that your site is not very resourceful thus making them feel you and your London digital agency site lack confidence.

Regardless, it is not really a possibility for you to go through every web design London site and to quantify that, the website design London site you have linked to could fall prey to dirty tactics after you have visited the same. But do note, it is your responsibility to thoroughly investigate the London digital agency site when you are trying to make a decision about whether or not you want to link to them.

And one very pivotal point to look for is the fact that if whether or not the content on that site is considerably relevant to the content on your website design London.

Lastly, if you feel that the web design London sites quality is up to your standards, then do consider the follow. And vice versa if you feel it is not worth your London digital agency sites content and matter.


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